June 2, 2023

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Symbolically – Abroad – Russian civilians are preparing for war, and Moscow will provoke a Ukrainian attack

Eight years after the outbreak of fighting in eastern Ukraine, the war between the fighting volunteers is still alive. After the Donetsk and Luhansk regions decided to secede from Ukraine in a referendum with controversial transparency and organization, Ukrainian citizens – and foreigners – rallied to their battalions to defend their territory after the failure of the Ukrainian army there to restore order. Meanwhile, voluntary armed groups have also formed on the secessionist side, with mass Russian citizens following the separatist ideology in support of secession and taking the secessionist movement as far as possible to Russian-speaking areas in Ukraine.

Now that Tensions escalated Due to Russian troops on the border with Ukraine,

Not only Ukrainian citizens and veterans, but also veterans of Russian voluntary organizations are preparing to defend their homeland.

Sergei joined the secession of eastern Ukraine in 2014 and said he believed in the idea of ​​Novorossia – translated into Hungarian, Russia refers to the eastern and southern parts of present-day Ukraine, which “became Russia” during the Tsarist regime for centuries. For the first time, separatists in eastern Ukraine wanted to seize territory broken by protests by Ukrainian volunteers.

Of particular note are satellite images of tens of thousands of Russian troops concentrated on the eastern and southern borders of Ukraine, along with areas occupied by the Novorossiysk project.

According to the Moscow Times, Sergei is one of the few volunteers who sees Russian progress in eastern Ukraine as a “real cause.”

With the calm of the fighting seven to eight years ago, most Russian volunteers have returned home, but many of them have never laid down their guns and are ready to “call back” paramilitary forces.

Conditions in battle are not simple, and it will keep us in shape until we return to Donbass.

Sergei told the English language newspaper at a shooting site near Moscow, where he was refreshing the memory of his trigger muscles.

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All roads lead to Moscow

We never closed this chapter. If the situation heats up again, of course we will carry the gun. We are easy to mobilize. We will not give up the results achieved by the People’s Republics

– Said Victor Zabladin, senior official of the Donbass Volunteer Association (SZDD), which unites Russian soldiers fighting in eastern Ukraine.

The organization of which Sergei is a member can be found on social media Page According to Alexei Borotag, the central person. Of course, the name of the average person is not mentioned much, although it played a very important role in the eruption of separatist movements in eastern Ukraine.

Borodoj, the leader of the SZDD, was the first president of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, a Russian citizen of Moscow origin, that is, to the Ukrainian side of the Ukrainian border when the uprising began.

Borodoj and his role in eastern Ukraine seem to support what both Kiev and the locals claim: the uprising was organized and directed by Moscow with the help of rebel agents.

Russian intervention is undeniable: there is ample evidence that unsigned members of the Russian regular army were sent to eastern Ukraine with armored personnel and artillery, and that the operations of the secessionist volunteer battalions were coordinated by professional soldiers.

Ukrainian soldiers serving on the eastern Ukrainian front say cynically:

Where did these tanks and many weapons come from? Did they go down to the mine and find them there?

Ukraine did not have an eastern military district until 2014 because no attack was expected from there.

It also reveals the SZDD’s connection with Russian power

An episode is waiting to close

The Donbass Voluntary Association has 49 affiliates across Russia, reaching 14,500 members this year.

In the absence of war at this time, the activities of the SZDD included fundraising and assistance to the People’s Republic, political lobbying and education programs.

The latter is about the system of self-expression Vkontaktye page Reveals. In the picture below, a “masculinity class” is taking place in Irkutsk, Siberia.

There is a “lesson about masculinity” for school students in Irkutsk. Education was organized, among other things, in collaboration with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Photo: vkontakte / Uniondonbass

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Of course, the SZDD said last month on “Russian Facebook”:

“The Donbass Volunteer Association will not stand aside. Russian volunteers have begun to form units to defend themselves against the Ukrainian occupation.

But the United States is now talking that if the situation worsens, the Russian military will not hide behind volunteers, and this time Russia will definitely cross the border into Ukraine.

But what are the benefits of SZDD volunteers?

The Moscow Times According to him, the Kremlin has so far distanced itself from recognizing them as an independent organization, although opponents clearly want to unite with Russia. Last month, when the SZDD announced its intention to go to war over the Ukrainian offensive, Vladimir Putin’s party, the United Russia Legislature, proposed formally recognizing the Moscow-Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

Of course Forcing Kiev to take action. Because

So far, more than half a million people living in secluded territories have been granted Russian citizenship, which may be an excuse for Russian intervention as the Russian military marches within Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders to protect its own citizens.

In light of this, the Kremlin’s plans for eastern Ukraine are now coming to an end, and they now want to put an end to the story that began in 2014.

However, Zapladin, the founder of SZDD, and many other “comrades” still have big ambitions. They want the Novorossiysk project to be completed in Moscow.

We do not think Russia has gone far enough. They were very tasty with Ukraine. We are ready to help change that

– He said.

(Cover: Alexei Filippov / AFP)