June 10, 2023

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Symbolically – Abroad – Anti-Ukrainians have once again fled to a large industrial area

The CNN According to reports, about 800 people were on board the Chevroletonetsk chemical plant, which was recently shut down by the Russians. Said Serhiy Hajdaj, head of the state administration of the Luhansk region. The Defender He also previously reported the release of brown gas worms after a chemical tank exploded at the plant. The plant is one of the largest chemical plants in Ukraine, employing about 7,000 people during peacetime.

Locals in Soviet-era shelters under the plant sought refuge with locals who were asked to leave the city, but they refused, Hajj said. Some of them have children, though not many, ”he added.

According to local sources, the plant came under constant attack, with the Russians firing mainly on office buildings and warehouses, the latter storing methanol.

Earlier this week, a Russian airstrike struck a tank of nitric acid stored at the Azote factory.

Although the factory is privately owned, the owners claim that the plant contains low levels of chemicals. Hajjaj added that the plant was not as important as the steel plant in Aso from a military point of view.

The Al Jazeera Meanwhile, he wrote that sixty percent of the city is already under Russian control and forty percent is under Ukrainian control. However, following the Ukrainian counter-attack over the weekend, they will once again control half of the city.

If the Russians occupy the city and the adjoining Lishansk region, basically the whole of Luhansk will come under Russian control. The city currently has about 12 to 13,000 people, but all avenues for relief supplies to come have been cut off.

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The Russians had been fighting for months for the Azovstal plant, Ukraine’s largest steel plant. The Ukrainians, who had detained themselves at the Mariupol steel plant, had been persevering for weeks against Russian superiority. The plant previously accounted for 40 percent of Ukraine’s steel production. The factory killed 143 workers.

Prior to the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Azovstale plant employed 35,000 people and produced 9.5 million tonnes of steel a year, two-thirds of the Thai company’s production.

Yuri Rischenkov, the plant’s chief executive, recently spoke about a group of companies that are doing their best to contribute to the war effort. Such as Defender About 1,500 bulletproof vests a week are imported into the Ukrainian armed forces, as well as other military equipment such as drones, night-vision goggles and helmets. All this is interesting, because one of the main shareholders of the company is Rinad Ahmadov, who was accused last November of preparing for a plot against him by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky.

In Ukraine, there are currently two more blast furnaces in Zaporizhia and the northern city of Kamyansk, which operate at about 50 to 60 percent capacity and produce for most European markets. Iron ore mining facilities in Ukraine currently have about 35 to 40 percent capacity, and coking coal mines about 75 percent.

(Cover image: Chevroletonetsk Chemical Plant in Ukraine on February 18, 2021. Photo: Gale Kirbs / Getty Images)