March 29, 2023

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Symbolic – domestic – that’s why fashionable foods don’t work

Diet with a ketogenic, paleo or Mediterranean diet is a failure for many, resulting in a yo-yo effect, which means they gain more weight after stopping the diet than when they started it. Esther Holmey finds the reason for this is that the body strives to maintain a normal state for a long time, experiences weight loss under stress, and fails during weight loss, so it returns to its previous eating habits and begins to store. It was immediate.

For two decades there have been studies in the scientific world to reduce carbohydrates or fats from macronutrients, but these results do not differ in the long run.

Esther Holmey told the code.

President of the Hungarian Obesity Society, the United States has been pursuing a strong preventive policy for the past twenty years. Obesity problem Appeared earlier than Europe.

“First, fat intake was reduced, and people continued to gain weight. Then there was a reduction in carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates, and sugars, for which the weight gain of the population did not stand in the same way. The expert said.

It is easier to prevent than to remedy

Esther Holme He said the goal was a balanced diet, which included the “Association of Dietitians”.Smart palette”, In which all kinds of food are kept only in different proportions. Experts recommend increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables, foods high in omega-3s (e.g. fish) and high-fiber nutrients.

In addition to their enrichment value, dietary fiber, which is neglected by the majority of the Hungarian population, also plays a role in preventing cancer. In addition, the amount of nutrients you need to consume more or less to achieve your ideal weight will vary from person to person. If fat intake has been high in the past, it is worth adding less to the ratio of protein and vegetables in our diet.

The expert explained.

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Eszter Halmy, We strive to maintain a healthy diet for a long time, although weight loss can start slowly, but achieve lasting results.

“However, obesity is a chronic disease, so it is recommended to turn to a specialist to solve the problem. He recommends a personalized diet in the knowledge of our health and co-morbidities. The chronic condition has already developed and it is important to start at the beginning of weight gain before becoming overweight, ”the expert advised.

Energy balance should be sought

Hormonal problems, eating disorders or other illnesses can also lead to weight gain, so it is a good idea to get a medical checkup before changing your diet and choosing exercise.

According to the expert, quality should always be kept in mind and we should change our lifestyle in small steps by increasing energy intake and reducing total calorie intake. Esther Halmi added that people today consume more than 500 calories a day and exercise significantly less than they did 40 years ago. This means that we consume an additional 500-1000 calories a day, which is not surprising given the increase in the rate of weight gain in the population.

The president of the Hungarian Obesity Science Association noted the fact that in addition to proper nutrition, it takes at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to maintain good health. If the weight loss goal is to increase it to 60 minutes a day, we need to increase it to 90 minutes if we can stay in shape. The reason for this is the storage mechanism of the system.

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Irregular diet is also one of the factors for weight gain. Kids need 5 meals a day: snacks and a fruit at ten, kefir, yogurt is the best choice.

Adults should eat three meals a day. If we eat at the same time it supports weight loss, dinner should be taken at least 2 hours before bed and 18-20 hours after. Esther Halmi explained that sleeping before midnight plays an important role in maintaining energy balance.

The President of the Hungarian Obesity Science Association stressed that we must work to maintain or achieve a proper life expectancy and especially years of life spent in health.

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