March 29, 2023

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Symbolic – domestic – skiing camps are moving on a difficult path this year

“We are very much ready for the ski season this year, but it looks like the corona virus is intervening again,” Antel told the index. According to the executive vice president of the School Sky Instructors Association (ISE), 100 to 150,000 children a year attend school ski camps each year during the epidemic season, but this year that number will be significantly lower.

As before We were informed, As per the decision of the operational staff, the schools should apply for Emmy’s permission for group trips abroad, which will be sent to the Minister of Human Resources at [email protected]

These trips can only be approved if the students concerned are protected or the trip cannot be canceled or postponed without financial loss.

Emmy said before.

According to the ISE, despite the strict rules, there are schools that have applied for a license, and most have received one. Overall, however, some academics organize overseas travel with serious responsibilities even during epidemics. Most skiing camps can be held through ski schools and sports clubs.

However, compliance with domestic rules is not enough and foreign requirements must also be met. Unfortunately, epidemics now seem to be a problem in every country where skiing is considered. Epidemiological regulations are constantly changing in Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia, with masks on all areas except tracks in most places, including elevators. In addition, although games do not require a security clearance, hotels usually expect one

– Demeter Andal said prices have not changed significantly, however, and ski passes have become much cheaper, especially in areas where improvements were made during epidemics.

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Sky Paradise is also taking drastic precautionary measures this season, as we recall, in March 2020, Troll One of the starting points for corona virus infection in Europe. Experts said at the time that precautionary measures had been taken too late in the Austrian province, although we knew the epidemic would have somehow made its way in.

The children’s health has deteriorated

According to the Executive Vice President of ISE, sports programs such as skiing camps will be much needed by children as the tolerance of many during digital education is significantly reduced.

Especially among elementary school students, there is a lack of traditional physical education classes, they find it difficult to cope with the load, and they get tired quickly. In addition to movement, students need more institutional and general experiences, and because of their long imprisonment, their mental health is not yet uniform.

– Andal Demeter said he hopes as many children as possible can go to the Hungarian ski resorts of Metrocentristvan and Epleni, even if not abroad.

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