June 2, 2023

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Symbolic – Domestic – According to Georgi Soros, World War III began

The Russian invasion of Ukraine marked the beginning of World War III, which could destroy our civilization. Wrote Georgi Soros, who was “surprised” by Putin’s independent control of the war against Ukraine on Friday, said the Chinese speculator, who is of Hungarian descent, hopes the Chinese president will remain steadfast in his leadership this year.

The 91-year-old businessman believes Putin wants to make a mark on Russian history as he approaches the seventies, but there is a misconception about Russia’s role in the world and the Russian people need a jar to blindly follow.

This idea is anti-democratic and distorts the Russian “soul”, which is emotionally charged.

Soros explained.

The speculator wrote that Putin had a “consistent idea” and misjudged the situation in Ukraine because he thought the Russian minority in Ukraine would welcome Russian soldiers, but they behaved like the Ukrainian people.

Instead of blaming himself, Putin seems really crazy

– The businessman who sees the Russian president operating without any restraint wants to punish Ukraine for opposing him.

George W. Bush also explained that Putin was ignoring the rules of war by deploying the entire Russian military.

The businessman believes that Russia could fail in the war as the United States and the European Union send arms to the Ukrainians, trying to obtain MIG fighter jets that can be flown by Ukrainian pilots.

Whatever the outcome of the war, Putin has already done wonders in building European unity

Georgie Soros, who closed his lines, said only Putin could be trusted. Hsi Kin-ping Removed from power before destroying our civilization.

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