December 2, 2022

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Symbolic – Civil – War Fake News: Who is lying, Russians or Ukrainians?

In the first part of Kibeszélő Extra, with the help of linguist Nora Faluna, a scientific communications expert, we determined exactly what we call fake news and how modern this event is or how it relates to our history. It is safe to say that profit is often associated with profit, either for political gain or economically.

Nora Falyuna speaks to Jójárt Krisztián

According to the expert

The 2016 US presidential election campaign was the first major event to bring fake news, fake news, to the public consciousness, and from there let’s talk in practice about spreading political fake news.

Nora Faleuna finds this new in her ability, “not only did she use textual content, she began to distribute memes, which over time became common tools for political expiration.”

According to our other guest, Krisztian Jójárt, an employee of the Strategic Defense Research Institute of the National Civil Service University of Ukraine and Russia, was nervous just months before the February invasion – at least in deliberately distorted news and information. The Russian government’s propaganda has gradually prepared the people for the possibility of an armed struggle in the future.

The security expert also noted the fact that “we have no doubts about the Ukrainians.”

We have seen the atrocities against the captured Russian soldiers, the series of which traveled in the world press. In such cases, the involvement of the Ukrainian leadership can always be said to be consistent, as they say that these cases are unacceptable and will be investigated one by one. However, in the case of the massacre in Buxa, the Russians immediately wanted to commit murder on the Ukrainians and did not mention the investigation.

Christian Jozard said.

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We also talked about the following on the show:

  • Today the spread of false news through the internet is accelerating. But what hoaxes characterized the pre-Internet analog world?
  • How did fake news spread during the Cold War?
  • How can those who sit inside some kind of misinformation be persuaded to spread lies?
  • In the line of untrue news, the question has been raised as to whether the Ukrainians are actually developing US-designed biological weapons that will only be useful when used against the Russians.
  • New terms related to war have emerged, whatever it is based on prevention or alien flagged activities.
  • We also tried to find out why 75 percent of Russians support the war against Ukraine.

One of the blatantly weak and false news of the Ukrainians spread on social media that a conspiracy was being hatched against Vladimir Putin. The expert pointed out that the leak of such a report could not be in the interests of the Ukrainian secret service, let alone airing it in the press, if it was actually planned, so it is a clear fraud.

You can watch the full video by clicking on the player above and access the podcast version of the chat below:

(Cover: András Siklós and Krisztián Jójrt. Photo: Tímea Karip / Index)