August 13, 2022

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Symbol – Economy – NATO has put its military on standby like never before after the Cold War.

“We will strengthen our ability to respond to conflict with pre-installed military equipment and air defense,” the NATO secretary general said. As he said, this would require, among other things, reinforced command, modernized security plans and the highlight that “these all reflect the biggest change in our security since the Cold War.”

According to a report on the National Security Budget released on Monday, Stoltenberg’s defense spending by European allies has risen over the past eight years, with nine countries’ budget budgets reaching or exceeding 2 percent of GDP. In addition, nineteen allies are expected to reach this goal by 2024.

“Two per cent is seen as a lower limit than a higher limit,” he said.

The current summit will change everything

According to Stoltenberg, the NATO summit in Madrid on Tuesday is expected to transform and the Allies will adopt a strategic approach to the new security situation.

Sees Russia as the most immediate threat.

It also addresses the security challenges posed by China. At the summit, he said the allies would agree to set up a NATO innovation fund worth 1 1 billion to invest in new dual-use technologies.

More extensions

The military aid package for Ukraine is also expected to be approved. The NATO Secretary-General also announced that Finland and Sweden would like to advance on the historic landmark application for NATO membership, taking into account the concerns of all member states, the MTI report said.

(Cover: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg speaking at a press conference in Belgium on 27 June 2022. Photo: Johanna Geron / Reuters)

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