September 27, 2023

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Symbol – Abroad – The Crying Dictator Came Ten Years Ago, But Kim Jong Un Comes Into It

It is a beautiful telling picture of a young man struggling with overweight during the Eternal Festive season, running black from head to toe to the huge American Lincoln Continental, his father’s funeral, staring at him and bowing his head. On that day, December 28, 2011, the funeral procession of the late dictator Kim Jong Un’s 40 km to Pyongyang Cemetery with the coffin of the young man, his then 28 or 29 year old son Kim Jong Un. , Who appeared at the official event for the second time. 11 days ago, on December 7, 2011, he came to power, and television footage showed him crying.

Kim Jong Un has been North Korea’s dictator for ten years since then, but the wild vision is not long enough, at first many Its legitimacy is also in question Both abroad and domestically. Two days later, Victor Zia, two advisers to Asia, met with George W. Bush. Bush and Barack Obama’s Asian adviser wrote that after the death of Kim Jong Un, the Fenian regime was only a few weeks or months from falling. It took Kim Jong Un two years to finally clear his doubts.

And the evidence is horrendous.

On December 12, 2013, no one will misunderstand the executioner of Uncle Siang Sangtek, who had been waiting for himself as Regent until then. Duone Kim, an expert at the Center for New American Security, has since been iron-clad that there is a rope dance between meeting the needs of the North Korean elite and pulling things like his uncle.

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The Phenyon regime is going to survive. Kim Kuchong, a senior dissident who recently served as a colonel in the North Korean military To the BBC He said Kim Jong Un and the political leadership were frantically seizing every opportunity to raise money and that he was involved in arms and drug deals in Africa and the Middle East. Moreover, when Kim Jong Un came to power, North Korea was already considered a nuclear power, he ordered more than four nuclear tests in the first ten years than his father and grandfather, the founder of the dictatorship Kim Irsen, but the Phenian regime grew. Such an intercontinental ballistic missile is in principle capable of reaching the US border.

In light of this, as far as diplomacy is concerned, it is surprising that Kim Jong Un has been somewhat successful. He is the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, and the second enemy, the former president of South Korea, the Chinese president, a key financial supporter of the Jin and Pyongyang regimes. Three Pyongyang meetings prepared the ground for this, which he persuaded the former star of American professional basketball, Rebound King Tennis Rodman. Denise Rodman is said to have qualified North Korea to free the American Kenneth demon in 2014, but rumors have also spread that he burned himself a little around the world before Donald Trump with basketball player Kim Jong Un. His first trip was in February 2013

The only flaw in the whole thing is that diplomacy so far has been nothing more than a tinsel glory to the Fenian regime. The United States has not eased sanctions on North Korea’s nuclear program, but Kim Jong Un has failed to deliver on the promised economic reforms to a human rights watchdog. From its statement – Political prisoners are subjected to brutal torture, women are raped, and by 2021 the UN estimates that ten million out of 24 million people will live. Threat of famine In the shade.

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The characteristic of this famine is that one kilogram of maize is more expensive than the average monthly wage.

Half a year ago, Kim Jong Un acknowledged that the food situation was “tense” due to the corona virus epidemic and the hurricane that hit North Korea (this was a rare honest moment, but in January 2021 he announced that the five-year plan had failed). It also increased the closure of China’s borders due to an epidemic, cutting the umbilical cord and reducing bilateral trade by 76 percent. Although soldiers have nothing to eat in late November, political analysts and intelligence around the world are speculating as to what health problem may be behind Kim Jong Un’s spectacular obesity and subsequent spectacular weight loss. Rumors have already circulated that Kim Jong Un is the sister of the North Korean dictator Give this Power.

Yet, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He commemorated the anniversary of his father’s death, among other things, within 11 days He stopped laughingAccording to dissidents, the South Korean human rights organization He demandsKim Jong Un’s seven people have been hanged in ten years for watching or distributing K-pop videos.

(Cover: Kim Jong Un preparing to leave for North Korea on April 26, 2019 at Vladivostok railway station in Russia. Photo: Andrei Rudakov / Bloomberg / Getty Images)