August 13, 2022

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Sutten – Abroad – Russia is preparing for a major military exercise in Latin America

Along with 10 other countries, Russia, China and Iran are also deploying their militaries abroad for military exercises, which it says will “deploy advanced military assets in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Rio Times. Despite this, Russia has expressed its willingness to participate Moscow is now very interested in the war in Ukraine. According to the newspaper, the BRICS countries They are going to make a statement that the region is ready to accommodate a multi-pronged force.

In June Russian President Vladimir Putin In a speech at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, he pointed out that the United States pretends not to see the existence of other power centers in the world. Western countries are still living in the last century – treating other states as colonies, he said.

The era of unipolar world order is over and they are trying to save and protect it by all means. The US seems to be oblivious to the emergence of new power centers.

– said the Russian head of state at that time.

Days later, President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China echoed Putin’s statement and called on BRICS members to unite against a unipolar world.

The current arrangement is an even sharper sign that Latin America’s anti-American “core” is working to boost ties with Russia, China and Iran. Maduro has long had a strained relationship with Washington, and Russia and China have used this to strengthen their relationship with Venezuela, which has huge oil reserves. Iran, China and Russia held in January Third Joint Naval Exercise In the northern part of the Indian Ocean, this further strengthened their alliance.

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