June 6, 2023

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Strange ‘zigzag aurora’ detected in Martian atmosphere

Strange 'zigzag aurora' detected in Martian atmosphere

On clear Mars nights, long, snake-like streaks of light may spread across the sky for thousands of miles. It’s a beautiful sight, according to new observations from the United Arab Emirates Mission to Mars (EMM) — and it represents a strange new type of aurora that has not been seen on any planet.

The aurora borealis – also known in Land like the south or Northern lights They occur when charged particles from the solar wind collide with particles in the planet’s atmosphere. Several different types of aurora borealis have been detected on Mars, including Planet-wide “aurora borealis diffuse”which glow dimly across the entire Martian sky during severe solar storms, as well as patchy “discrete auroras,” which glow only over certain regions of Mars’ crust believed to contain magnetized minerals, according to EMM.