June 4, 2023

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Romanian Health Minister Alexandre Rafila hopes to expand the test to identify corona virus infections, hoping the new epidemiological rules will increase the number of tests performed, the Hotnews.ro news portal chief executive was quoted as saying in a televised interview on Saturday.

Rafila said Romania had the lowest corona virus testing in the EU so far and that accurate mapping of infections was crucial in dealing with the health crisis. The new head of ministry, who was appointed head of the ministry in November, will soon allow GPs to enter the results of positive tests directly into the corona virus database operated by the ministry, without the authority of the district public health directorates.

Rafila believed that under the new rules, the option of testing would be an advantage not only with a full vaccine or green certificate of recovery but also with the possibility of going to shopping malls, theaters and other places now. , But similar rooms with a green certificate issued on the basis of a negative corona virus test.

The head of the ministry, nominated by the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Florin Sittu, leader of the coalition National Liberal Party (PNL), spoke about the importance of testing after criticizing the draft bill for the use of Govt ID. Work. Rafila will provide regular free testing opportunities for those who have not been vaccinated from budget sources, but the PNL leader says the need for a green card from employees will increase if they are not allowed one and a half months to be vaccinated. Also reduce it, lower vaccine propensity.

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Valeriu Gheorghita, a military doctor who coordinated the vaccination campaign in Romania, criticized part of Rafila’s bill for providing the Govt ID in the workplace only if the number of infections rose by at least fifty percent in the next three weeks. According to Gheorghita, before another wave of infection, action is needed to prevent it, not when another wave peaks.

In Romania, 46.2 percent of the vaccinated population over the age of 12 has been vaccinated so far, and the number of people being vaccinated is currently rising to less than 10,000 a day. When the green card was introduced to consumers and consumers at the height of the fourth wave of the epidemic in October, the desire for vaccination skyrocketed, and in a few days the average number of new vaccines approached one hundred thousand.

Romania has not yet reached the fifth wave of epidemics, and the number of cases continues to fall: 931 new infections and 73 deaths were reported by strategic communication tribes on Saturday. (MTI)