August 14, 2022

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Slovenia breaks down a fence –

Migration is part of modern societies, so the most effective migration policy is to ensure safe and legal immigration, the Slovenian interior minister said, according to MTI.

The New Left, led by Robert Gollop Government One of his priorities is tearing down the fence.

In 2015, Slovenia built 176 kilometers of barbed wire. Migration About 670 kilometers along the border with Croatia due to a wave. It was later gradually replaced and expanded by panel fencing. At present, the common border section consists of 135 kilometers of barbed wire fencing and 60 kilometers of panel fencing.

At the initiative of Interior Minister Tatjana Bopner, the ministry created a new advisory committee that recommends creating safe migration routes, developing asylum procedures, obtaining residence permits, and facilitating conditions for international protection and social integration.

Refugees should be given the opportunity to integrate

According to Böpner, asylum seekers must continue to be integrated into society and the labor market, be given the opportunity to learn the language, and at the same time be prevented from being exploited by workers.

The commission has already instructed the police to pay special attention to the protection of vulnerable groups, to ensure that applicants for international protection are treated individually and to record that they have been informed of their rights, the ministry’s head MTI said. , through the use of existing equipment and its presence in the field, the police ensures continuous security and protection of state borders.

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