September 26, 2023

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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Figo was arrested by police

Announced as a “mourning march marking the end of democracy”, the opposition sought to protest against the policy of the cabinet, led by Edward Hecker, and, above all, against holding an early election with about six hundred people. Thousands of signatures.Want to do with the support petition. Zuzana Caputov√°, President of Slovakia, decided not to call for a referendum in the autumn, after the Constitutional Court declared that the referendum on the basis of his petition does not apply to the Constitution, writes MTI.

Several leading representatives of the movement described the police appearance of the party leader as illegal, an act aimed at making the protest impossible, and some as “police terrorism.” A spokesman for the Bratislava District Police told the Slovak news agency that Robert Figo was produced at the request of an organization capable of criminal activity.

There is still an emergency previously declared in connection with the spread of the corona virus in Slovakia, during which mass movement is prohibited in principle. However, not a single thing has happened in the last few months.

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