July 6, 2022

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Singer KK performs the immortal “Pal”, hours before death

Singer KK died yesterday after he collapsed in a hotel in Kolkata hours after his last concert.

Hmm, bet oh na bet cal…The timeless classic filled the air at Nazrul Mancha in Kolkata on Tuesday as singer KK gave his last performance, hours before his death.

The audience waved their mobile phones with flash lights lit, as the singer gave an amazing performance on this 90’s song.

In videos shared online, the singer can be heard releasing his multiple songs at the concert, including “Kia Muji Pyaar Hai“.

KK’s 1999 debut album “Pal” was critically acclaimed.

Krishnakumar Kunath, also known by his stage name KK, died yesterday after he collapsed in a hotel where he was staying, hours after his last concert.

Many on social media shared glimpses of his recent concert, remembering him as the teenage idol whose songs made their school and college lives unforgettable.

other songs like “To hi meri young hi” And the “Tadab Ke TadabAmong KK’s most popular songs.

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