March 23, 2023

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Should we thank them if they fire us now?

Jobs are disappearing

The concept of a job – that is, a predetermined set of functional responsibilities and activities assigned to a given employee – is so ingrained in the functioning of organizations that it is difficult to imagine a system operating on a different basis for a long time. However, more and more companies are now realizing that traditional structures no longer serve their purpose in an almost limitless labor market. The Deloitte According to his survey, for example, only 19% of business managers and 23% of employees say that work can be better structured through tasks. As a result, more and more companies are beginning to plan job performance based primarily on skills rather than formal job descriptions, titles, or diplomas – thus turning existing labor management rules upside down.

A competency-based approach increases productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness by better matching workers with tasks that match their abilities.

Companies that take this path unlock the potential to increase their value creation potential and are 52% more likely to innovate, plus they are 98% more likely to retain top talent, which is also great for their employer brand. .

Space and time redefined

Global mobility is expected to continue to increase in 2023, meaning employees will be able to work in multiple locations and even hours. Digital nomads are appearing in more and more fields, i.e. workers with stable jobs and even without a place to live. Entire families can base their strategy around telecommuting parents moving to a different country at regular intervals – even every six months.

Moreover, the boundaries between work and commuting are also blurring: for example, in 2022, the number of Google searches for the term “home exchange” increased significantly. BBC According to his statement. A house or apartment transfer allows would-be telecommuters to work from one European country and Australia the next month. In Home Exchange last August, compared to August 2019, the number of completed home exchanges per day worldwide increased by 50 percent. (The essence of the model is that members who pay an annual membership fee make their homes or properties available to others, even for long periods of time.)

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The ‘rock stars’ of the movement tend to be remote workers with high incomes, good housing and loose family ties who work in the knowledge economy at the same time.

– He believes Dieter Müller, Umeå University, Sweden A researcher studying tourism trends. However, this path is unlikely to be open to a wider section of society.

All over the world, more and more people are breaking up their working days, and instead of 8 consecutive hours, they work in a few hours, meanwhile they visit their elderly parents, go to the child’s soccer practice – or their own -, or maybe a hairdresser. Asynchronous workers perform their tasks dispersedly, flexibly and intensively throughout the day, while their work schedule is maximally adapted to their individual needs.

In past decades this practice was very unusual and rare, but now, thanks to the spread of hybrid and remote work options, it is available in many companies – points out BBC Article.

Thanks for the experience, even though I was fired

In the wake of mass layoffs, primarily affecting the U.S. tech industry, workers have been writing lengthy response letters on social media, praising the companies that laid them off, reporting a surprising trend. BBC.

According to experts, regardless of what one actually thinks about the fact and circumstances of the dismissal, such a moment can be of strategic importance.

In LinkedIn posts and other messages posted on social media platforms, those who leave pay tribute to their former bosses and colleagues, thank them for the opportunity to work together and often blame external forces for what happened. They suggest to their future employers that they are prepared, resilient, confident, realistic, dynamic and adaptable. Anyone who presents their layoff as a learning experience is part of a broader journey in their career.

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These posts indicate that the person wants change and will not complain about company decisions that affect them personally.

– he explains Grace Lordon, London School of Economics Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences. Appreciation records also provide an opportunity to describe the employee’s skills, abilities, and experience gained over the years. It’s basically a publicly available resume and cover letter that lets everyone know that you’re available, employable and adaptable in the labor market.

“I used to work at a social media company and I know that what you post once is protected on the internet forever.” “There is no benefit in writing negatively about anyone.” “Never burn bridges!” Being fired from a megastar company in a field actually puts you in a good light and increases your chances of being snapped up by another employer. The reason for the large layoffs is not weak individual performance, it is justified by economic conditions. Everyone knows what’s going on in and around Silicon Valley, the posters argue.

Underrated endurance
The level of injustice, inequality and discrimination has a huge impact on how people – especially young people – feel at work, how they work together and how committed they are to representing organizational values. However, managers underestimate this. According to the Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z and Millennial Survey, for example, two out of five respondents have already turned down a job or job because it did not meet their expectations of social and environmental safety and/or diversity values. , inclusive culture. Meanwhile, the company’s 2023 Global Human Capital Trends Survey found that only 12% of 10,000 business and HR leaders in 105 countries believe social and racial injustices will have a significant impact on the workforce in the next 2-4 years.

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