October 4, 2022

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Sex tourism peacekeepers in the Congo may have left thousands of semi-orphans

Based on thousands of interviews, a university research shows how women in war zones are exploited by the Blue Helmets.

UN in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire). Shocking incidents of peacekeeping operations have come to light. Daily Mail According to the article, investigations have found that since 1999, thousands of children and women have been sexually abused by the Blue Helmets, often demanding sexual services from vulnerable and helpless women in exchange for food.

A more serious claim is that as a result of all this, thousands of children were born to peacekeepers who fled the country and left their mothers alone when their work was done.

There was one victim, ten years old, who was raped and became pregnant. Most of the players who ditched their new baby are from Tanzania and South Africa, but Blue Helmets from Morocco, Uruguay, Nepal and Bangladesh have also done so. Their jobs and positions were mixed, apart from soldiers and officers, drivers, cooks, doctors and photographers also committed atrocities.

The report describes the emergence of prostitution around military camps, the proliferation of brothels and sexual exploitation. Accordingly, sexually transmitted diseases also appear. So far, almost every U.N. Missions have also faced such situations.

The research was carried out by the University of Birmingham using 2,858 interviews, many of which were conducted with mothers and children of peacekeepers. Mothers were often ostracized by their own communities, it turned out, so they lived in worse than average poverty. Kirstin WagnerOne of the researchers explained the situation from the players’ perspective as follows:

Part of the problem is that some of the recruits see these jobs as opportunities for sex tourism and sex crimes that they wouldn’t do in their home countries.

Many women described their relationships with soldiers as being in exchange for goods: money, clothes, food or their children’s school fees. There were also people who got into a relationship just for a new hairstyle or a phone. According to Wagner, it’s different, these women aren’t having sex with soldiers to survive.

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The UN has announced that it will act very hard against such cases and will do everything for investigations. According to them, all cases are accessible to the UN system, and those once convicted can no longer be peacekeepers. The report states that 426 cases have been reported so far, but only 44 cases have been proved. Against the UN mission shortened to MONUSCO in recent weeks Bloody demonstrations There were also in eastern Congo, but not because of these events, but because the blue helmets did not protect the people from the militants.