July 5, 2022

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Senior Marines were also seriously surprised by the fighting in Ukraine

He managed to talk to such foreign volunteers To the Washington PostThose who have already returned home from the Russo-Ukrainian war. A senior Marine said he had never felt such insecurity before as a Russian war helicopter was shot down from a position where his unit was fleeing.

Among the American soldiers fighting in Ukraine were those with no combat experience, while others had never been in this type of war where they had no control over the air when bombing and heat camera drones flew over them.

Although US law does not prohibit citizens of the country from fighting abroad, the Biden government is trying to prevent them from joining Ukrainian forces separately.

One of them told the press that Javelin had been sent to fight around Kiev in early March without receiving batteries for rocket launchers and had disarmed weapons without a source of energy. In the foreground, many people leave their jobs at night. Someone stoned his gun to make it look like it had been destroyed during a fight. He was then ordered south to train soldiers to use the spear. He said the Russian tank was able to target and attack when the soldiers sitting inside it started smoking.

When you use Javelin

Photo: EyePress via AFP

How did a German player say that Willie Joseph Cancel, 22, died At the end of April. The radio messages of the former Marine Division were intercepted by the Russians, so they communicated on insecure lines, WhatsApp or mobile. So after they agreed to their plan, the Russian artillery already fired their jobs. According to the German volunteer, when Cancel died, the shooting started from a job they thought belonged to the Ukrainians, who were unable to contact them on the radio.

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