June 4, 2023

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Secret plans for World War III: US wants to bomb Hungary with 15 atomic bombs

Interactive map Done Future Life Company, which briefly outlined its public nuclear goals after the Cold War to communist-interested countries.

A total of 1,100 targets were reported that the United States and other NATO nations would have been bombed with nuclear weapons in the event of a conflict with the countries involved.

Surprisingly, most of the targets have been identified within the Soviet Union, including present-day Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states, but Washington, North Korea and many Soviet-interested Eastern European countries have stopped nuclear weapons. .

In Hungary, the United States has set a total of 15 targets for nuclear strikes – primarily civilian and military airports scattered with nuclear charges.

Targets of NATO nuclear attack on Hungary during the Cold War. Source: Future life plan

For example, unlike targets within the Soviet Union in Hungary, Washington did not plan to attack public and government buildings in such ways. In Moscow, for example, the city center would have only five atomic bombs, but Minsk, Sevastopol, Beijing and Shanghai would have done it.

According to US plans published by the Future of Life Institute In the watershed of Budapest, Ferryheji Airport and Dougley Airport may be affected by a nuclear attack. A short distance from the capital a The nearest airport is at Kiskunlacha / Bangkok, And In Szkesfehérvár The airport, which currently serves as an industrial park, will be attacked by nuclear weapons.

In addition, NATO would have scattered it with nuclear weapons

  • a and MH Pope A military airport that serves as a base airport
  • A Lazy airport,
  • Hewitt-Balaton (formerly) Charmellic),
  • Was தசாரி Military Airport,
Tasari Airport in 1995. Photo: USAF via Commons
  • The airport is now primarily known as the “Dead City” Saint Kings is free Next,
  • A Galocha airport,
  • A Gescomet Military Airport,
  • A Solnok Helicopter base,
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Entrance of the 86th Solnok Helicopter Base of the Hungarian Armed Forces on June 25, 2015. Photo: MTI Photo / Genius Buconi
  • Former Soviet-Hungarian airport குன்மதரசன்,
  • Ex berettyóújfalu Soviet military airport,
  • A Depreciation airport.
Empty hangers at Gunmadras military airport. Photo: Varga a. Via Wikimedia Commons

It is noteworthy that NATO wanted to destroy most of Hungary’s civil and military airports with nuclear weapons, while barracks, armored bases and air defense complexes were not within nuclear targets.

An interactive map of the future of life is otherwise integrated Nukemap An interactive map called the Atomic Secret Plan; In this you can see the catastrophe caused by a nuclear explosion in a given area.

NATO’s arsenal contained a large number of warships capable of nuclear explosions equivalent to 100-300 kilotons during the Cold War. Such a nuclear explosion Around Ferry Hegey Airport with the current population This includes 40-80 thousand deaths and 150-330 thousand injuries. By the way, Nukemap only counts the victims of the eruption and the subsequent radiation, nuclear rain, can have decades of effects.

A Cold War W80 nuclear weapon Its activity would have wiped out much of Rikosheji, Mixtelep, Almaskert and Vexas from the face of the earth, and the eruption would have killed 50,000 of the current population.

Theoretical effect of the 150 kiloton W80 nuclear charge explosion around Ferihegy Airport. Photo: Nukemap

Fortunately, not only was there a nuclear war, but there was also a limited conflict between Hungary and NATO, and after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Hungary also became a member of NATO.

In the description of the future life company, he adds to the map The targets of nuclear attacks did not change greatly after the Cold War, which was probably not the case in Hungary. With Hungary’s NATO membership on the one hand and the partial closure of most of the airports included in the targets on the other hand, it is nowhere near the main strategic goal that existed during the Cold War.

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Incidentally, most of the former airports have not been demolished to date; The empty buildings are owned by several Hungarian Airsoft tracks, while the runways are used by small machines and amateur racers.

COVER: American soldiers at a demonstration in Washington in the 70s. Cover image description. Photo: © Getty Images via Getty Images Wally McNami / Corbis / Corbis