March 28, 2023

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Sean Payton denies a report that there were concerns about the ownership of an unnamed Broncos member

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As some wonder if former Saints coach Sean Payton will wait to return to coaching until 2024, he has spoken in response to a report regarding one of his possible destinations for 2023.

Mark Masky Washington Post He tweeted the following on Thursday: “[T]here It was a problem With Payton’s interview with the Broncos. Payton loves the idea of ​​coaching Russell Wilson He has this defense but fears a potential power struggle with a member of the ownership group, says the source.

Musk did not name the member of the ownership group that Payton supposedly had concerns about. Condi Rice, Limited Partner, was directly involved in the first round of interviews, along with CEO and Owner Greg Benner. Other principal owners involved in the hiring process are Rob Walton and Carrie Walton Penner.

Payton said in response to Musk’s report:Zero truth in this. We had a wonderful visit f [Broncos] aGrace was amazing!! “

Payton has attracted interest from the Broncos, Texas, Cardinals, and Panthers. This week there was a feeling that it was likely to return to Fox for another year, and return to the market in 2024.

If that happens, it wouldn’t be because (according to Payton himself) Payton feared a potential power struggle with an unnamed member of the Denver ownership group.

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