June 10, 2023

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Schedule – Abroad – What do the Taliban do after defeating everyone?

The Taliban, who returned to power in August, wanted complete control of Afghanistan. With some effort, he succeeded. Early urban anti-Taliban protests were severely crushed. The Tajik majority in the northeastern corner of the country took some time to pacify the countryside. Fighting erupted just weeks after the capture of the capital, Kabul. This area is practically the only long deep valley across the Panjir River. It has always been an important transport route as from here you can get two important passes of the Hindu hills. The region has been an independent province since 2004, with hundreds of thousands of people living in the valley, which is about a hundred kilometers long, mostly Tajik.

Rehabilitation continued in other areas as well.

When the Taliban were in opposition and fighting their guerrilla warfare, they had a greater preference for the abduction method. On the one hand, to make money, on the other hand, to instill fear. Then in late August The dice changedFurthermore, zero tolerance was reported for the hijackers. Four kidnappers were killed in the capital of Herat province and later hanged as a barrier in the hands of a crane. In another city, the bodies of abducted and killed kidnappers were placed in a pyramid in the main square of Masar-i-Sharif. They explained that they did all this for the sake of social peace.

Not long after, said Anas Haqqani, one of the strongest clans within the Taliban, a member of the Haqqani network. For CNN:

The peace that people wanted has come and now there is one hundred percent peace and security. The thieves have disappeared because this is not a ceasefire, this war is over.

The thieves may have disappeared, but there is still no security. Because there are serious Islamic extremists that even the Taliban fear, and now they are bringing daily terror. And this group is none other than the Islamic State Horizon area. The Sharia-led Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has strongly condemned the Sharia-led Islamic State of Afghanistan, as the Islamic State-run radical center in Afghanistan and Pakistan shows signs of weakness against religious minorities.

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However, they did not give up because dozens of people have been killed in several street bombings in Jalalabad and Kabul in the past month and a half, as well as suicide bombings at mosques against Shiites, undermining the Taliban’s credibility and maintaining peace. If they really want order, they must first settle accounts with IÁ Horászán.

It is true that this is an extremist, extremist group with a few thousand members, but since many former Taliban are frustrated with the current team and expect harsh rule, they are well aware of the Taliban’s earlier discriminatory tactics. They are now taking the same position that the Taliban have had for the past twenty years.

Guerrilla operations have so far affected only three provinces, and the Taliban as a longtime commander German Welneck: “Special forces must be deployed not only to fight the previous Afghan leadership, but also against anyone who is a threat to us.” This time, however, there was almost no threat, he continued, but at the same time, Afghanistan, like any other state, needed a strong army. Then he added: Of course, this does not apply to any country Would be threatening.

However, the military operation against the Horizon group did not occupy the entire Taliban military force. Previously, all militants were under the command of the military committee, but since the appointment of the new administration, it has not been decided whether all weapons or exclusively law enforcement units will be under the Ministry of the Interior. Ministry of Defense. In many parts of the country the military forces operate in an interdependent system, the best example of which is Kabul, where many commanders claim responsibility for different parts of the capital.

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Vocational training for Taliban fighters begins

In this situation, therefore, it must be found that on the one hand, in a peaceful situation it can handle tens of thousands of armed men. For example, some of them are looking for extremist, religious followers living in remote areas between remote mountains to join the new project called “Sacrifice Seeker”. It is not known exactly what this mission is, but the members of the unit are destined for future enemies, probably in the form of suicide bombers.

In this situation, anger really comes when the warriors do not have a well-defined mission, or when a certain number of enemies do not face a large number of threats. Images of Taliban militants riding a boat with a submachine gun and resting have also appeared on social media, but a video of a successful dojo race between militants at a Kabul amusement park has also been released.

Although the current Taliban attack has not done as much damage to Afghan infrastructure as the first takeover in 1996, the catastrophe in many places is astonishing. This is why training classes for heavy machinery operators or building maintenance workers have been started, in addition to the fact that many fighters have tried to deepen their previous superficial military training and others are engaged in religious studies, they do not have much time in guerrilla warfare. In the last twenty years.

(Cover: Taliban militants in Kabul on October 14, 2021. Photo: Blunt Click / AFP)