June 6, 2023

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Schedule – Abroad – The Czech leader is the best, Andrzej Babik does not have the power to form a government

He is already well and has been able to stabilize the condition of Czech President Milos Zeman, according to a Sunday evening report from the hospital treating him, MTI said. He was taken to hospital Sunday Milos Zeman President of the Czech Republic. The 77-year-old politician’s health has recently deteriorated, he is in a very ill condition, confined to a wheelchair and spent eight days in hospital last month.

The state doctor, Miroslav Savorl, told a news conference on Sunday afternoon: Milos Zaman was taken to the hospital on his own advice.

Although Prime Minister Andrzej Babik previously said Sunday’s meeting with the head of state was not a direct result of the election, according to credible sources on the Lidovky.cz news portal:

And Andre Bobby was not ordered to negotiate the formation of the government.

This information was confirmed by Presidential Spokesman Giro Owesek, who said Zeman had been ill for two weeks now, but that would not prevent him from performing his duties as head of state. He added: The head of state for the next few days All of its planned projects have been canceled Considering his illness.

Government formation talk As announced by Andrew Babik on Saturday, it should have started on Wednesday. However, according to Czech Civil Service News Television, the talks could not begin on Wednesday, but a week later, but it depends on the position of the head of state.

The right-wing three-party SOL coalition won Saturday afternoon in the Czech Republic ChoiceD. The party received 27.62 percent of the vote. The UN party, Andrzej Babik, came in second with 27.28 percent.

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