September 29, 2023

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Schedule – Abroad – Moscow pushes pipeline, brutal gas prices may come in winter in Europe

The price of natural gas in Europe reached a historic high in the south on Wednesday: $ 1,924 per 1,000 cubic meters ($ 1,594 on Wednesday morning) or 1 161 per megawatt-hour. Struggling with natural gas shortages, Creating the northern stream 2 and Operator for now The Russian state-owned Gosprom was not really in a hurry to replenish its European reserves

Drastically reduced the amount of natural gas levied on the European Union.

This reduced the capacity of the pipeline to Belarus via Belarus by 70 percent, from 112 million cubic meters on September 26 to 30 million cubic meters on October 3.

Not only is less natural gas “trickling” through the pipeline through Belarus, but the amount of gas sent to Ukraine has been reduced from 110 million cubic meters to 86 million cubic meters at the same time.

A Cosprom In its diagnosis However, the amount of gas from Russia to Europe seems unbroken, maintaining a volume of about 200 million cubic meters per day. From this Russia – in order to squeeze both countries, it is a transportation charge – alternative or new gas pipelines that will reduce the amount of natural gas sent to Belarus and Ukraine, and increase the efficiency of the EU.

How do transportation charges work?

The gas transmission operator allocates capacity to the incoming pipe of the energy carrier, the size of which will vary depending on the size purchased. Simply put: Hungary buys X-volume natural gas from Gosprom, and the Russian state-owned company has been taking care of everything ever since, and it is his responsibility to deliver the product to the customer. The Gosprom pipeline pays a capacity charge, also known as a transport charge, and Hungary has no choice but to seize the energy carrier at the border.

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You can climb into my residence

However, according to the Hungarian government’s agreement with Gasprom, the gas will no longer arrive in Hungary from October 1, but from Ukraine, but mainly through the Serbian-Hungarian interconnector. In doing so, Russia blocked the transport of Ukraine and Brotherhood II. The gas pipe was completely closed.

It only benefits Moscow.

Kiev thanks you, has enough gas reserves for the winter, and does not mind buying gas directly from Russia. According to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Smyhal, Ukraine has not purchased gas from Russia since November 2015, exclusively on its western borders, known as reverse gas from its western neighbors. He will not come from Hungary now.

Meanwhile, they have begun to fill the Nord Stream 2, which has strategic value from an energy point, which is basically a technical product for the start of gas exchange. Not much is mentioned in the Russian press that a pipeline was laid to Germany by a Russian gas company in accordance with the European Energy Order. In principle, it cannot use a monopoly. The Germans have already fined Gosprom for starting to pump gas before the pipeline complies with EU law.

Kiev, Warsaw and the Baltic states, at least not Washington, have warned that the flow connecting Russia and Germany will become part of Angela Merkel’s legacy and an instrument of political pressure in the hands of the Kremlin.

Yes, but a sudden 70 percent drop in the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, which branches through Poland via Belarus, could raise prices to astronomical heights for the winter heat in Europe. Mainly American and Qatari LNG, which do not have a supply chain to Europe like Russian gas, can compete with Asian markets for liquefied natural gas. True, the Hungarian government In Croatia, the Hungarian government has liquefied one billion cubic meters Bound gas At the LNG terminal on Krk Island.

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The Hungarian government does not know What he agreed with the Russians In buying gas, the Urban government does not want to see the residence again as the content of the contract involved is considered a trade secret.

The pipes are opened and closed

The Kremlin has indicated that the gas company is ready to increase the volume of traffic if needed, although Gosbrom officials have assured everyone that they will not even reduce the amount of gas going to Europe.

And if Cosprom were to float an additional 5.6 billion cubic meters to Europe this year, it would be nowhere near Nordstream 2. It claims to have given a political dye to the “completely economic” gas business.

In Brussels, Moscow has already been accused of shutting down natural gas, although for now, Russia appears to be fulfilling its long-term agreements with member states.

However, there are those who share the views of Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanicina: The reduction in Russian gas emissions is a sign that Moscow will soon allow Nort Stream 2. The rules of the game, here or there an EU order, wants to change it to suit their own interests. If you don’t like something, the Russians turn the gas pipe slightly in the opposite direction.

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