September 27, 2023

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Schedule – Abroad – More people die of corona in Romania in a week than during the revolution

MTI writes that nearly a quarter of Texas hospitals are filled with intensive care units for patients in need of treatment due to the corona virus.

The American press announced Tuesday, October 8-14

A total of 42 intensive care facilities at Texas Hospital.

The data is released weekly by the U.S. Department of Health (DHHS), which lists about 200 Texas hospitals with four intensive care units. According to the report, the number of Texas hospitals has been operating at full intensity since the peak of August, but the data now released is much higher than measured during the winter outbreak of the epidemic.

The Texas Tribune reports that some hospitals have a big problem with not having enough staff to care for patients. Doctors are afraid that they will soon have to make “terrible decisions” about who to care for and who not to care for. According to the article, most corona virus patients treated in intensive care units in Texas hospitals do not receive the vaccines needed for protection.

In a post on the Ministry of Health’s website, he drew attention to the fact that despite the situation, people “should not be discouraged from seeking hospital care”.

According to the New York Times, 53 percent of people in the state of Texas have the vaccine needed to protect against Govt-19. In the southern state, according to the latest data As many as 5862 new infections were reported on Monday due to the spread of the delta variant.

Last week, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of the state of Texas Regulation Companies operating in the state must make the corona virus vaccine mandatory for their employees. “Another example of the federal high cost is that the Biden administration is intimidating many private companies with the Govt-19 vaccine regulations. Abbott said in an explanatory note to the control.

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Despite the governor’s instructions, some large Texas-based companies have decided that their employees should continue to be vaccinated against the corona virus. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines – based in the southern state They said they would not change their rules yet and would continue to meet the Biden government’s vaccination requirements.

Anthony Fossie, the White House’s chief epidemiological adviser, said, “Sorry Called the Order of the Governor of Abbott. .We know how effective vaccines are in preventing disease, not just for individuals, but to reduce the dynamics of infection. Fauci added.