August 13, 2022

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Schedule – Abroad – Airport Travel Tips Before Your Vacation

European airports are overflowing with travelers – long before the summer holidays begin in many countries.

After most of the controls caused by the epidemic have been removed, people are returning to their dream destinations to make up for missed opportunities over the past two years. Experts Retaliation for travel Called the event.

The sudden increase in demand reflects a major turning point for aviation, which has been hit hard by restrictions caused by the corona virus infection. The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 was more than € 219 billion. Most of the losses were recorded by the airlines.

However, the rapid recovery to the besieged industry has caused another headache, which is now struggling to serve the people with a sufficient number of employees.

Labor shortages and airport disruptions have led to long queues and long passenger waiting times at major European hubs such as Frankfurt, Dublin and Amsterdam. Hundreds of flights for a variety of reasons Deleted In the days that could prevent the recovery of the industry.

Total demand for air travel in April increased by almost 80 percent compared to April 2021, mainly due to the rise in international aviation – Quoted Deutsche Welle is data from the International Air Transport Association, IATA. Demand on many routes between Europe and Central America and the Middle East and North America is higher than pre-epidemic levels.

They book long vacations and choose high quality

“Travelers are now confident that they can enjoy the classic city experience with restaurants and entertainment without worrying about Govt restrictions,” said Axel Heffer, chief executive of Trivaco’s booking site.

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Higher demand, rising fuel prices and lower flights have pushed up ticket prices. Many of the planes that were pushed to the ground at the time of the outbreak were not yet flying.

However, prices do not encourage tourists to starve during epidemics, and they make more money.

According to the president of the German Travel Association, people will spend more on vacations this year: “Take a long vacation and choose the best quality”.

The airlines are adamant on this attack

Currently, congested airports reduce travel fever.

German airline Lufthansa has canceled about 900 domestic and European short-haul flights from Frankfurt and Munich for the month of July. Lufthansa’s subsidiary Eurowings has also canceled hundreds of flights.

“Due to disruptions, the flight schedule will not be completed as expected,” a Lufthansa spokesman said. Flights had to be canceled to free the system.

Due to the strike in Brussels Deleted Every flight, the next day in Budapest due to lightning flood They collapsed Tables.

He had never seen him at Heathrow, the largest British airport Confusion Ruled.

The shortfall will also severely affect other airlines, including Lufthansa’s rival Air France-KLM and discount airline Vis Air. Airlines are facing peak demand and its status is approaching the pre-epidemic stage.

Aviation has difficulty finding new workers. He was forced to resign at the time of the outbreak, and the situation is further exacerbated by the post-epidemic trend. Job seekers choose and avoid jobs with poor working conditions and low pay.

Travel risks

Due to congestion and congestion at airports, passengers on domestic flights are advised to arrive at the airport at least 2-2.5 hours in advance. The wait is even longer when going overseas.

A spokesman for the Swedish security company Securitas warned that turn-by-turn and waiting times at checkpoints had been extended because many were still carrying unauthorized items such as liquids.

Despite the disruptions and labor shortages, the industry will benefit from revitalized travel. However, passengers should be prepared for inconvenience.

Passengers have high expectations. They expect this year to be the best summer of all time.

“Because of the shortage of people, they do not have to have the experience of their dreams,” Axel Hepherd, president of Trivaco, reassured them.

(Cover image: 8 June 2022 Madrid Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport. Photo: Alejandro Martinez Velez (Europe Press / Getty Images)