June 2, 2023

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Russian tanks arrive unimpeded on the Ukrainian border

Russian troops continue to patrol the Ukrainian border with submarines and ships landing short-range ballistic missiles in the Black Sea, and tanks and artillery are at the ready. CNN.

According to the news portal, several videos about the situation have been uploaded on TikTok and YouTube. These are analyzed by online viewers and often supplemented by satellite images. There is ample evidence of military reinforcement in the Belgorod region. According to CNN, the following videos were made in the village of Mylino, 24 miles from the border and uploaded on Sunday:

Russian forces also patrol the area at night, with the following footage showing tanks being unloaded from a train:

Helicopters approaching the border with Ukraine have been seen on video uploaded on several social media sites over the past few days. In the event of an attack, the ground forces can provide vital protection. These videos were taken near Belgorod:

A Russian researcher at an organization called CNA reports that Kursk units marched on Belgorod with district-level artillery support, and that the 1st Guard tank army also departed, indirectly heading to the final destination. He said the movement of Isander-M short-range ballistic missile convoys, which appear to have been taken over various parts of western Russia in recent weeks, was particularly worrying.

If an armed conflict erupts, they will be used to attack stable Ukrainian positions – for example, aimed at command and control bases. They can travel up to 402 kilometers and have been seen in recent satellite images.

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Kiev did not think that Ukraine could be attacked by a large-scale Russian invasion on February 16 or 17.

According to Alexei Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Security Council, the country’s leadership is in control. He noted that the threat from Russia was still there and would continue until they invaded the country. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Ukraine’s military and defense forces.

Alerts come one after another: Foreign ministries of European countries urge their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately. Despite diplomatic efforts, they fear a war could erupt between Russia and Ukraine.

US intelligence warns NATO allies of more urgency than ever for Russia’s impending attack on Ukraine. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the military say new information could be leaked to the German government and other NATO members on Wednesday.

Under the influence of Russian troops marching on the Ukrainian border, the North Atlantic Alliance is strengthening its eastern borders. However, this is still only part of the forces stationed on the Russian side.

Cover image: MTI / AP / Press Service of the Russian Ministry of Defense