May 17, 2022

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Russian General: Ukrainian army fires at six civilian vehicles with white flags

Colonel General Mikhail Mijinsev, head of the Coordinating Headquarters of the Ministry of Humanitarian Response to Russia and head of the National Security Command Center, said that six civilian cars with white flags had been shot down by Ukrainian armed forces in the Kharkiv region between Starry Saltiv and Novi Saltiv. .

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According to Mizincev, photos and videos of the crime are being used by those in the Ukrainian military’s Information and Psychological Operations Center to try to repress the Russian armed forces “according to the Buxa situation.”

The general said that in Pila Grinica in Hershonis County, Ukrainian artillery opened fire on Russian work from private homes in the presence of the Norwegian media.

“Nationalists” and foreign mercenaries have built a fort at Poltavska Street 23 School in Mohiljov-Podilsky, Vinnitsa County, violently detaining civilians in the basement of the building.

In Luhansk “People’s Republic”, Lisitsansk, on the other hand, women, children and the elderly were harassed from a bomb bunker at School No. 5, where an ammunition depot was set up.

According to Mizincev, in the village of Slobozansky in Kharkiv province, “nationalists” built a fort in the building of the No. 1 high school, placed tanks and armored tanks nearby, and undermined the roads leading to the facility, they were not reported. Local people.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov described the war report on Tuesday night and said that the tactical air force had destroyed 74 targets, including two battlefields, twenty manpower and equipment bases and two missile and artillery depots.

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The missile troops and artillery units, according to the General, concentrated 223 manpower and military equipment, struck three battlefields and two ammunition depots, killed more than 100 “nationalists” and deactivated 19 military equipment. According to the report, Russian air defense shot down a Su-25 aircraft, a Mi-8 helicopter and four drones.

According to a summary of the Russian Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian armed forces fired 164 aircraft, 125 helicopters, 798 drones, 302 anti-aircraft missiles, 2,983 tanks and other armored fighter vehicles, 351 missile missiles and 1,440 artillery pieces. Since the war began, the vehicle has been lost.

Konashenkov reiterated the situation on Snake Island, saying that the Ukrainian military leadership was trying to restore Victory Day for PR reasons. A spokesman said another Bayraktar-TB2 had been shot down on the island in the afternoon, increasing the number of military drones lost by the “Kiev regime” in the area to thirty.

He added that three more bodies had been found and that the number of Ukrainian soldiers left on the island had risen to 27. In addition, the Ukrainian side flew three Su-24 bombers and a Su-27 fighter jet, three Mi-8s carrying waterfalls and a Mi-24 helicopter to the island.

Three more Kentavr armored attack ships sunk with the Marines on board were on the Ukrainian loss list.

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