September 27, 2023

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Russian children explain why the code – abroad – should be taught in Ukraine in the cartoon

Once upon a time, two friends, Vanya and Kolya, always lived happily – a fairy tale film described in a female voice begins with Ivan (nicknamed Vanya) wearing Russian national colors and Nikolai (nicknamed Kolya) wearing Ukrainian colors in the sandbox. The description of the cartoon is as follows:

They were good friends when they were little, and Evan always defended Nicola because he was strong. When they came of age, they went to a school where they were fellow students. However, all of a sudden, Nikolai decided to go to another class and asked Ivan to call him Mykola from now on. Mykola is the Ukrainian language equivalent to Nikolai.

Vanya did not make it a problem, he thought, they could be friends anyway. But Mykola started making new friends and began to hurt her old classmates who had changed. It is depicted as Mykola’s new colleague, a boy sitting in a beautiful sweater in American colors, whispering ugly things in Mykola’s ear, and then he chases his former classmates Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics with a stick in hand.

It is useless for Vanya to repeatedly tell Mykola that she is being treated badly. Although Mykola repeatedly promised not to hurt the little ones, he did not keep his word, so Vanya lost his temper and took Mykola’s stick and broke it in half so he would not hurt the others anymore.

Everyone attacked Vanya (American T-shirt and a German T-shirt school friend)Although Vanya picks up his stick, why do they hurt Mykola so as not to hurt the others. But no one heard his word as he shouted loudly that Mykola was hurting.

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The fairy tale film justifies the outbreak of war in Ukraine, on the basis of which Ukraine continued to bomb the divided territories (there is no evidence of this), and Russia tried to stop the peace. That is why Russia provided weapons to the separatists.

Ukrainian reaction to the cartoon

The fairy tale film sparked a whirlwind of commentary, but the following is very clear:

Mykola had a bigger Husang than a stick, which was accidentally dropped from the story as his nuclear weapons, but he relied heavily on Vanya and dropped them under the 1994 Budapest Conference. Mykola asked not to hurt the very strong Vanya in this way. So much for Vanya’s credibility.