September 26, 2023

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Russia will soon test its nuclear-powered ‘invulnerable’ cruise missile

This rocket will travel up to 25,000 kilometers.

For four years, the Russians have been developing a missile that, according to them, cannot be neutralized even by conventional air defense systems. He writes that Moscow is preparing to test a weapon in the Arctic, according to satellite images Euronews.

According to military expert Tony Roper, the test of the nuclear-powered cruise missile is taking place at the Pankovo ‚Äč‚Äčtest range on Novaya Zemia Island, Purevstnik. Roeper says all this after looking at satellite images showing the missile’s transport container parked near the launch pad and three supply ships, including the nuclear-powered Chevmarput, docked in front of the island. Four years ago, Vladimir Putin said that the West did not have enough protection against the Purvestniks.

The low-flying missile can approach targets from multiple directions and easily evade air defense systems.

Then the Russian president said.

A compact, air-cooled nuclear reactor capable of delivering a range of more than 25,000 kilometers is said to be used to power the weapon.

The missile was already tested in August 2019, in the western part of the country, but the weapon prematurely exploded, killing several people. According to US intelligence, Burevesztnyik’s longest flight at the time lasted less than two minutes, and none of the test missiles traveled more than 35 kilometers.

Opening image: Rossija 1

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