July 5, 2022

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Russia repeals upper age limit for index – overseas – professional players, but it may be just the beginning

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a law that allows people over the age of 40 to apply for military service. They are expected to be of normal working age – Reported And the BBC.

18th in the army so farRussians aged 40 to 18 yearsForeigners between the ages of 30 and 19 can serve. Russia says it intends to hire more technicians.

Under the new law, professionals will have to handle more precise weapons. “Based on experience, 40They will be 45 years old, ”he explains to the law.

Moscow expects more doctors, engineers and communications professionals to be hired.

According to Ukrainian and Western military experts, Russia suffered heavy casualties in the war: Ukraine claimed about 30,000 lives and the British government 20 thousand Estimates the number of casualties in the Russian military. By comparison, the total number of Soviet casualties in the nine-year war in Afghanistan in the 1980s was fifteen thousand.

Russia announced its presence in Ukraine on March 25 1351 The soldier fell. The data has not been updated since then.

On Victory Day, the biggest Russian holiday, many expected a general mobilization, Putin It did not order a large-scale series to continue its occupation of Ukraine, calling it a “special military operation.”

In March, however, the Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged that some compulsory troops were involved in the war, and some were captured by Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense has insisted that sending troops to war is not an official policy.

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Later, Defense Minister Sergei Soz said that soldiers enlisted in the army this spring would not be sent to war.

Centuries-old sorting tradition

Military service, also known as coercion, is a centuries-old practice. In Russia, since the Tsarist era, military service has forced men between the ages of 18 and 27 to serve a year. However, many are exempt for medical reasons or as students.

Russia currently has more than 400,000 professional or “contract”, 900,000 active players In the Armed Forces. Military analysts say they could raise an additional two million reserves with them.

The Ukrainian army is very small. It is estimated that there are 200,000 active troops and 900,000 reserves, although Russia has increased its military numbers with mass mobilization since its February 24 invasion.

Under the current war situation, they should not leave Ukraine18Men under the age of 60 are expected to defend their homeland. Most of the refugees going to neighboring countries are women, children or the elderly.

The Ukrainian military has not yet listed women, but there may be exceptions if their medical, information technology or other skills are required. Ukraine has also added thousands of foreign volunteers.

Different procedure

Many countries have military lines, but the rules are very different – for example, in Israel, Turkey, Iran, Sweden and Georgia.

In contrast, the United Kingdom and the United States are among the countries with professional armies and reservists who can mobilize in case of emergency.

The British Army recruits professional soldiers with a ceiling of 16 to 36 years. The age limit for officers should be 18It’s between the ages of 29, but they can also hire older professionals like doctors.

The U.S. Armed Forces has been recruiting since the age of 17. The maximum age limit varies: 35 years for the Army, 28 years for the Navy and 39 years for the Navy and Air Force.

All Israeli citizens, without exception, must serve 18 years of age in the military. 32 months for males and 24 months for females. They then complete compulsory reserve service, usually 36 days a year – up to the age of 50 for women and 55 for men.

Finland, which borders Russia, will join NATO, must have military service and ensure 280,000 reserve troops. If required, it will be provided by an additional 25,000 professional staff. Finnish men serve in the military from the age of 18 to one year. Women’s applications are optional. Most are kept in reserve until the age of 50.

(Cover: Russian soldiers at Mariupol on May 18, 2022. Photo: Olga Maltseva / AFP)