December 9, 2022

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Reddit Mercenary and Tiktok Battalion – Why are volunteers mocked in Ukraine?

Chechens fighting on the side of Russia seem to be very active on social media: videos of their fighting activities are regularly uploaded on dictatorship, and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov continues to post such content on his telegram channel.

Based on Chechens’ videos, Kadir’s fighters seem to be having a particularly good time. They laugh, fool on the battlefield, and shoot back and forth at signs in Ukrainian cities.

Due to their behavior, Ukrainian-friendly social media accounts accuse Chechens of not actually taking part in the fighting and “posing” on social media. The Chechen units involved in the fighting were also known as the “Dictak Battalion”.

On the other hand, there are also actors who are particularly active on social media, especially foreign volunteers who help Ukraine. They live, selfishly on the battlefield, posing with shot Russian armor.

Foreign volunteers are widely criticized for their activities on social media. They are mainly accused of exposing the situation of Ukrainian jobs to the Russians by revealing well-identified places in their video, thus inflicting huge losses on their own side in exchange for a few options / supports. Redditen is separate anyway Forum There are volunteers to help Ukraine, so they became known in pro-Russian forums as the “Red Battalion” and the “Red Mercenaries”.

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On one occasion, a volunteer who was helping Ukraine hired himself with two volunteers at a school gym, and Russian forces launched an attack on the building, killing Ukrainian soldiers. These confusing image sequences have not been published.

Both Chechen fighters who help the Russians and foreign volunteers who fight on the Ukraine side are completely untrained, but very enthusiastic fighters who face great losses in conflicts with well-trained conventional forces in return. Nevertheless, it appears that both Chechens and members of the Ukrainian Foreign Forces are achieving war victories.

Cover photo: Ukrainian volunteers involved in training. The picture is an example. Photo by Celestino Ars / Norphoto via Getty Images