July 6, 2022

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Putin: The Russians are not ahead of many in the field of ballet

“The world is changing, especially fast. In order for a nation, people or ethnic group to run for any leadership, global leadership aside, it must certainly affirm its sovereignty,” he said.

Because there is no interim government: a country is sovereign or colonial, no matter what we call a colony.

– Before the meeting, the head of state said that he visited the exhibition held at the National Economic Achievements Exhibition (VDNH) on the occasion of the 350th birth anniversary of George Peter I (The Great). He voiced that if a country or group of countries could not make sovereign decisions it would be considered a colony and the colonies would have no perspective.

According to Putin, sovereignty is a condition for survival in the geopolitical struggle.

In his view, during the Great Northern War, Tsar Peter reclaimed and fortified unclaimed lands, but not Russian native lands. As he put it, the task of modern Russia is also “recovery and strengthening.” According to the Russian leader, sovereignty has political-military, economic, technological and social components. That is, in any order, there is no other without one.

“How can we create external security without technological sovereignty? It’s impossible,” he said.

Putin called the integration of society one of the most important conditions for development, however, it can not be achieved without a stable economy. He promised that Russia would live better ten years from now, that it would not repeat the mistakes of the Soviet Union, that it would remain an open economy, and that it would respond to sanctions by breaking the decision-making bureaucracy. He hoped that companies leaving the Russian market would regret their decision. He stressed that concessions made to foreign companies should not be detrimental to Russian companies.

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According to Putin, Russia will work with everyone it can, but it must have its own expertise in important technologies, which will certainly grow.

He stressed the importance of government support for the pharmaceutical industry and its own microelectronics.

“Despite constant attempts to pinch and hurt us by being a gas station country, we are still ahead of many in metadata processing and ballet,” he said, adding that high technology has proven itself in other key sectors. Infectious. At the time of medication. He praised agriculture and the expected 130 million tonnes of grain crops. However, he identified the main challenge facing the country in terms of population.

“We need more people to stay healthy,” he said. Referring to the example of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who laid the foundation for modern missile technology and space research, he said that a project should set unreliable targets as it seems impossible to make much progress.

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