June 1, 2023

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Putin spoke of the war on Red Square, in which Russia must defend itself again today

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  • A military parade will be held on May 9 in Moscow II. In the event of victory in World War II.
  • Vladimir Putin gave a speech in Red Square in which he spoke about Ukraine, which has become hostage to a conspiracy controlled by Western powers.
  • The Kremlin is trying to consolidate World War II, which in Soviet-Russian historical jargon is called the Great Patriotic War. World War – more precisely, its 1941-1945 phase – with the war against Ukraine.
  • Participants in the battle, which in Russia can only be called an extraordinary military operation, also appeared on Red Square.
  • The celebration was canceled in several Russian cities due to security concerns.
  • Russia fired dozens of missiles at Ukraine early Tuesday.

Russia started World War II with a missile attack against Ukraine. On Victory Day, which celebrates the end of World War II. At this time, Moscow brilliantly mixes the red-letter holiday with the war it has launched against Ukraine: Ukrainian news They sayFifteen Russian missiles were destroyed by Ukrainian air defenses over Kiev, a Russian missile reports Russian victories were reported across Ukraine, from Zaporozhye to Kiev, where European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visited on Tuesday.

Linking the holiday to Russia’s war against Ukraine appears to have been a conscious decision by the Kremlin: the 15-month invasion, conceived as a blitzkrieg, was a military and political failure in Moscow’s eyes, but one that could be legitimized. It succeeded in starting with military defeats, but was able to raise it to the level of the Great Patriotic War with the victory against Nazi Germany.

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Accordingly, representatives of the forces participating in the war against Ukraine, which in Russia can only be called an extraordinary military operation, were also present in Red Square. At the start of the military parade, the narrator, who can also be heard on Red Square, talked about the fact that the descendants of “those who liberated Ukraine from fascist occupation” were standing next to Putin on the holiday. This is certainly true, as Ukraine was invaded by German forces in the summer of 1941 and occupied for nearly two years, but the sentence still speaks to the present, as the Russian official narrative treats the current Ukrainian leadership as Nazis and fascists.

This line of blending present and past has been reinforced by the decision of the leader of separatist Donetsk to unilaterally annex Russia last year: Alexander Busilin announced that the city of Donetsk would be closed for three days a year. He was Stalin againIt was called between 1929 and 1961.

A Yarsz intercontinental ballistic missile arrives at Red Square ahead of a military parade on May 9, 2023 – Photo: Yulia Morozova/Reuters

This is helped by the fact that May 9 celebrations have been canceled in dozens of Russian cities for security reasons. This was done in many places far from Ukraine, where it was justified by solidarity with cities “under threat from Ukraine”. However, Moscow is celebrating, with a planned military parade and air parade on Red Square not to be missed – the latter was canceled from last year’s event – and Vladimir Putin will also deliver a speech at the Kremlin’s foothills.

From dictator to efficient manager

The II. The end of World War II – the Great Patriotic War in Soviet-Russian historical jargon – was the only public holiday for which there was a social consensus until now. The value of a joint Soviet victory against Nazi Germany with the Western Allies remains beyond dispute even after the collapse of the Soviet Union – despite the crimes of the Stalinist regime, military blunders by Stalin, increased military and civilian casualties, and the non-aggression pact between the Soviet Union and Germany, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Moscow and Berlin According to the secret clause agreed to a few days before World War II, regarding the partition. Before World War II started. Over the past decade, however, Stalin’s image has changed again, and in Putin’s Russia his crimes and misdeeds are not talked about much, but instead he appears as a capable manager who made compelling but rational decisions and was ultimately vindicated by success.

In the end, not only the President of Kyrgyzstan, but the only foreign guest will ask this on the spot. According to the news, seven of the former Soviet republics will eventually arrive: the appearance of Alexander Lukashenko, the leader of close ally Belarus, is obvious, but it is also telling that it is the president of Armenia, not far from Moscow. will also be The presence of at least four presidents from the five countries of former Soviet Central Asia could be a message to China. In addition to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and the already mentioned Kyrgyzstan, the fifth leader of Turkmenistan’s separate mission will also visit Moscow.

Red square Military parade It began with a joint appearance by the Chief of Army Staff and the Defense Minister. They both drove in an open car between the marchers and the tribune where Vladimir Putin and guests were seated.

Minister Sergei Shoigu then briefed the Russian president, after which Putin took the stage to deliver a speech.

For Putin, they are trying to destroy Russia

“Today we have once again reached a historic turning point,” the Russian president began his short speech. The country is once again facing a “real war” in which the Donbas region must be defended. Putin’s words may mark a shift here, as a war against Ukraine cannot be called a war in Russia. True, after that he continued to use the word extraordinary military action according to the official formula.

According to Putin, Russia is successfully controlling foreign terrorism and protecting the country’s security.

He then spoke about the responsibility of the West for today’s conflict.
According to him, Russia does not naturally regard people in the West or the East as hostile, but “the West still believes exclusively in its ideas”, although it resents when someone declares ideological superiority.

West “fuels bloody conflicts, hatred of Russia, aggressive nationalism”,
“Destroys traditional and family values ​​and dehumanizes man.”