September 29, 2023

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Putin seceded from Ukraine, another blow to Russian soil – our war news on Thursday

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine has caused a crisis facing Romania and many countries around the world, Romanian President Glas Ihanis said on Thursday.

On World Nurses’ Day, journalists told reporters at the hospital in Bucharest how satisfied he was with the coalition government formed last fall, as inflation had risen from 8.2 percent to 13.8 percent since the inauguration of the Sioux cabinet. Romania pays high interest rates on loans taken from money markets, both in GDP and in the region.

According to Ayohanis, the sacrifice should not be sought locally.

Dramatic rise in energy prices, the economic crisis caused by the “Putin war”,

And the government is trying to find a solution to mitigate the consequences. He points out that the crisis will definitely continue even if the war ends tomorrow. As he said, there are also disruptions in the supply of food and energy, the current war crisis and the actions of the government can not be compared with the previous period of the country.

Rising energy prices, a difficult economic situation is not Roman, but a global problem, inflation in the United States is approaching ten percent, and in Europe

He expressed hope that the government would find better measures to protect the people.

Responding to a reporter’s question, he hoped that the grand coalition formed with the participation of the center-right National Liberal Party (PNL), the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (DAHR) would be one. Until the 2024 election. At the same time, he warned against engaging government parties in domestic political debate amid a crisis over the past six months in evaluating the performance of ministers.

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Imagine what Romania would have been like if there had been a ‘thin’ (parliamentary majority) government that was difficult to implement its decisions in times of war, energy crisis, economic crisis and inflation. We do not think wrong

– Ihanis mentioned two former prime ministers who were removed from the post of PNL chairman last year. Ludovic Urban And Fluorine drop – In response to criticisms of the grand alliance deal that led to Iohanis with the ‘initial enemy’ PSD.

In response to another suggestion, Iohanis said it would be appropriate to use a two-thirds parliamentary weight of the grand coalition to modernize the constitution, including changing the powers of the head of state or the way he is elected. At the same time, he warned that the debate on the issue of the president, directly or indirectly elected by parliament, could cause serious controversy and therefore the debate on constitutional amendment should begin only with the utmost responsibility.