December 2, 2022

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Putin says he has no choice but to flee the onslaught – important war news of the day

April 12, 2022 6:56 PM

There may be more than 20,000 civilian casualties in Mariupol, and the city will soon fall completely into Russian hands. According to Putin, there will be no peace until all his goals are achieved. That is what happened in today’s war

  • The Russian military, led by the commander of the new operation, is preparing for a major invasion of eastern Ukraine.
  • The defenders of Mariupol have their last rounds, and the city now falls into Russian hands at any moment. According to the city mayor, the siege and the Russian atrocities may have already claimed 21,000 civilian lives. In the morning, Ukrainians reported that the Russians may have used some chemical weapons in Mariupol, but this has not been confirmed by independent sources, and Ukrainian militants have been showing signs of poisoning ever since.
  • Vladimir Putin talks about war when he went to the Vostokni space center. “They have begun to turn Ukraine into an anti-Russian bridge, and they have begun to cultivate the long-standing germs of nationalism and neo-Nazism,” the head of state said. “The germs of neo-Nazism were deliberately bred, and Russia’s confrontation with these forces is inevitable, waiting for the right time to attack,” he said. He continued to stress that there was Ukrainian provocation in Buxa, and that Russia would continue its “special operation” until it had reached all the set targets, and that the peace talks had “reached a dead end”. Coincidentally, he also announced the resumption of the Russian lunar program.
  • In eastern Ukraine, large numbers of civilians continue to flee, and the governor of Luhansk has called on the people to take advantage of the opportunities provided by humanitarian corridors and move to safer places.
  • Ukrainian President Zhelensky has again called for the extension of sanctions on Russian energy carriers and the expulsion of new Russian diplomats in France.

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