June 4, 2023

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Putin says gender madness is “on the brink of crime against humanity.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed a public meeting of the Valde International Forum in Sochi on Thursday.

According to Putin, NATO has already begun to “seize” the territory of Ukraine without membership. At the end of the Cold War, he complained that Western powers had “deceived” Russia into NATO expansion, and during the German reunification, he promised that the alliance would not expand eastward, and that now no paper had been written about it. He objected that US missile defense facilities stationed in Romania and Poland were also suitable for launching assault weapons.

Putin says US-Russian talks are moving in the right direction

At the same time, the Russian leader believed that the Russian-US talks on military stability and cyber security in Russia were moving in the “right direction.” As he said, bilateral relations had gone back to the Cold War, but the summit with Joe Biden in June was fruitful and showed that Washington was working to build relations. He pointed out that trade between the two countries has increased by 23 percent.

In the evening, Putin repeatedly endorsed Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan.

At the same time, he stressed that what is happening in Afghanistan is mainly the responsibility of the countries that have fought there for the last twenty years. He urged the release of Kabul’s frozen credits. According to the Russian president, Russia is approaching the position that the Taliban should be removed from the list of terrorist organizations, but – as he said – is to be decided by the UN Security Council. Putin assured his observers that Moscow and Beijing would not set up a military base and that his concerns were unfounded.

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In the forum, Putin congratulated Dmitry Murado on the Nobel Peace Prize

The winner is the editor-in-chief of the Independent daily Novaja Gazette, who said the recognition went nationwide. At the forum, Muradov drew the president’s attention to the fact that such a classification was not determined by the court under the law on foreign agents, and proposed to review the law.

Putin responded by saying that the law would not be enforced on a large scale and that concerns about it were exaggerated.

He promised that they would make the law “perfect”, clarify “its vague criteria” and not abuse it.

At the same time, he called the law necessary because it provides foreign financial assistance to those involved in domestic political activity, but does not prohibit this practice. According to the president, the Russian community has the right to “mark” the money coming from abroad.

The president warned Europe against Russia trying to control Russia in the energy sector

He said traffic on the Nord Stream-2 pipeline could begin as soon as Germany grants permission. He said the second line of the transmission system could be charged by December. Putin warned that the lack of extraction investment could lead to oil shortages.

Putin said in his opening remarks that Russia would be guided by rational and optimistic conservatism in world affairs.

He believed that for the first time there was an opportunity to establish a stable world order, “without a major war and not based on its results”. “In the coming period of world reform, its effect is not yet known. Moderate conservatism is the most rational world theory.” Says the leader.

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According to Putin, the UN is the inevitable carrier of “healthy hope” for the world

However, according to the Russian president, the system should be reformed “so that the child does not think along with the bath water.”

He urged them to work together to solve global problems. He said permanent members of the Security Council should not lose their veto because without it, the world system would become a forum for discussion. At the same time, he accepted the Turkish advice to make the body more balanced.

He mentioned the gender debate, among other things. In his view, the debate on the rights of men and women has become an absolute fantasy in many Western countries. “Fans of the new approaches go so far as to want to remove comments from themselves. Those who take the risk that men and women still exist and that this is a biological fact are almost excluded. Putin said.

Putin also spoke about the spread of gender ideology

He objected to changing the words father and mother and breastfeeding.

And children, in the absence of parents, effectively force the notion that gender reassignment is a simple choice. He noted that this was “on the verge of a crime against humanity.”


Photo: Maxim Plinov / Sputnik / Sputnik via AFP