January 28, 2023

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Putin is quietly preparing to seize a large swath of territory, but NATO is wary

Stoltenberg said the role of the North Pole is becoming more and more important for both NATO and Canada because we have discovered significant Russian military bases that can be accessed very easily.

Near the North Pole, he said, the Russian military is stockpiling missiles, bombers and weapons systems at newly built military bases.

Trudeau stressed that the geopolitical situation has changed because of the war in Ukraine, so “it’s time to share with the secretary general and NATO” what Canada is doing with the United States with its joint North American Defense Agency (NORAD). States. within its framework.

Although Ottawa initially distanced itself from NATO participating in security operations in Canada’s northern region, the Prime Minister said: The NATO Secretary General’s visit to North America is well illustrated by the growing threat of Russia, so it is a Canadian policy to back off.

Now that Sweden and Finland have both decided to join NATO, and Canada has welcomed Stoltenberg, it is even more clear that Russia is left alone beyond the Arctic Circle.

In our detailed analysis, we dealt with the fact that in recent years Russia has re-concentrated a significant amount of weapons, weapon systems and military equipment in the Arctic Circle, and they have submitted open territorial claims to a significant area of ​​approx. 1.2 million square kilometers of continental shelf. As the ice caps melted, the region’s strategic importance became increasingly clear: not only was the region a rich source of raw materials, but it could also be a new trade route that “threatened” the dominance of the Suez Canal.

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Cover image credit: MTI/Jason Franzen