July 7, 2022

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Putin has announced that he has no objection to Ukraine joining the European Union – our war news on Saturday

“The EU, unlike NATO, is not a military body, not a military policy body, so we have always (.) Stated that we have no objection to it. Whether or not to join the EU depends on the sovereignty of any country and the inclusion of new states as its members.” He said. At the same time, he explained that the structure of the Ukrainian economy required huge subsidies and that if Ukraine did not protect its internal market, it would eventually become semi-colonial. He did not consider the neighboring country likely to rebuild its lost aircraft, shipbuilding, electronics and other important industries because the European giants would not create a competitor for themselves. He called the possibility of “some kind of assembly production” in Ukraine.

“It is up to the EU countries to decide whether this is possible and appropriate for the EU. It is up to them, the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian leadership to decide whether this will benefit or harm Ukraine,” Putin said. .

“We have always opposed the military occupation of the territory of Ukraine because it threatens our security. We acted against it, but in terms of economic integration, please, this is their decision,” the Russian leader added.

He believed that since leaving the Soviet Union, Ukraine would need billions of dollars in investment to boost its economy. He said that the Ukrainian people are talented and have good energy and the situation will return to normal sooner or later.

He said Russia was interested in the prosperity of all its neighbors and that re-establishing relations was “inevitable”. At the same time, he spoke critically of the Ukrainian elite, saying that he really wanted to protect the money stolen from the people about his “civilized choice”.

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Putin equated the Soviet Union with historic Russia. “If there is an alliance between Russia and Ukraine, there will be no problem even with Crimea,” he said. He accused Kiev of causing trouble for itself because it did not respect the rights of Russian-speaking people and did not respect the Russian language and culture.

He reiterated that Russia’s actions in the Donetsk Basin were “fully compliant with international law,” as the United States had done without any invitation or agreement in Libya and Iraq, “appointing itself as God’s representative on earth.” . Putin called for a UN International Court of Justice ruling on Kosovo’s independence, saying that the secessionist republics should not ask Kiev for permission to declare independence.

Instead of calling for new elections, Putin blamed the United States for supporting the 2014 coup in Kiev against President Viktor Yanukovych. “This is where the events in Crimea came from,” he argues.

Commenting on the fighting, Putin said that military experts had said that a frontal attack on a stronghold of the Ukrainian artillery on Donetsk would cause great casualties and that he therefore did not call it appropriate. He said there were “planned missions going on” to bring these forces on his back, which he thought would take time. He said the attacks on residential areas of Donetsk were a crime against humanity. Putin said there was a repression on Donetsk and that it would intensify. He said that Russian artillery dominance was very high and that the “local forces” involved in the wars in the Donetsk Basin were estimated to be fighting well. He said he would retain the answer to the question of which “red lines” Russia would respond to by attacking Ukrainian decision-making centers. He added that the decision on the matter should be left to the country’s military and political leadership.

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“We are ready to build relations with everyone no matter what happens today – firstly, secondly, only the military and navy can guarantee our security,” he said.

As he says about America, the American elite often arrogantly insults everyone, but his mistakes exacerbated the problems of the economy. At the same time, he expressed his hope that the United States would be respected as a world leader in three hundred years and facing a better future. Putin said he had great respect for the American people, which he believed would force the elite to respond to his problems.

Kazakh President Qasim-Jomar Tokayev, who attended the forum with Putin, said his country did not recognize the independence of the “People’s Republic” of Donetsk and Luhansk and other “semi-governmental regions” such as Taiwan and Kosovo. , South Ossetia or Abkhazia, because, according to him, the widespread use of countries for the right of self-determination can lead to “confusion”. As he said, if this right were exercised worldwide, there would be more than 500 states on earth instead of the current 193. He added that he could not imagine Ukraine joining the EU due to severe entry requirements. (MTI)

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