August 17, 2022

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Putin: A new era is emerging

According to the Russian president, the West cannot provide its own vision for the future.

The West is trying to maintain a unipolar world order that has stifled global growth, but a new, more just era is emerging, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a Moscow forum on Wednesday.

In his ideological appeal speech, Putin emphasized that “The Golden Billion” The model of total rule – by wealthy states – is unjust and based on the illusion of exclusivity, it divides people into first and second class and is therefore racist and neo-colonial in nature. As he put it, the so-called universal, liberal ideology increasingly took on the characteristics of totalitarianism, blocking the creative path and free historical formation.

The Golden Billion didn’t become gold by accident and achieved a lot.

To a considerable extent, it gained its position at the cost of preying on other peoples in Asia and Africa as well.”

he said.

He expressed his position that the West cannot provide its own vision of the future “The Golden Billion” And its elites panicked that other centers of the world might come up with their own version of growth. According to Putin, the foundations of a new, more just, social and secure world order are being laid at the national and global level. “These massive changes are, of course, irreversible.” – he said.

No matter how much the so-called western and upper-country elites try to preserve the status quo, a new era, a new phase is coming in world history.

Only truly sovereign states can ensure the high dynamics of development, the quality of life and quality of life for others, the preservation of traditional values ​​and high humanistic ideals, based on development models, people have not become a means, but the main goal” he added.

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According to Putin, in order for Russia to be strong, independent and competitive, it is necessary to improve, fairer and more open mechanisms for citizens’ participation in the country’s life, including grassroots democracy, direct democracy and civil society. Participation. The President emphasized that Russia should remember its great past, traditions and values ​​and move forward, but not only remember the past.


Opening image: Michael Metzel/Pool/Sputnik/AFP