Workers have mild symptoms and may continue to work.

Does the vaccine return to “default”? How are the various mutations in the virus threatened? Should we be afraid of another wave of epidemics? In our series, you will find everything you need to know about corona virus infection.

The corona virus has erupted at the Antarctic Research Station. He wrote that 16 of the 25-member staff at the Princess Elizabeth Scientific Research Center in Belgium have been infected so far. BBC.

All workers have been vaccinated and their symptoms are mild so far.

“Although the situation is not dramatic and isolation is difficult, it will not significantly affect the work and work of the research center,” said Joseph Seek, project manager for the Belgian International Polar Foundation, which runs the station.

Like you said All the residents of the research station were sent back by plane on January 12, but none of them requested it.

The first positive test was found on December 14 in a group that arrived seven days earlier. He and the others were isolated, but the virus was released.

This is not the first time a corona virus has appeared in the South Pole, and it was captured by several Chilean soldiers last year after it was discovered that sailors from the supply ship had been infected.

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