July 5, 2022

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Private Diplomacy: Conditions for Surrender Negotiations were held with Ukrainian troops surrounded in Chevroletonetsk.

According to Mirosnyik, the Ukrainian soldiers asked for time to think. He said their retreat routes were cut off. According to the diplomat’s record, the chemical plant also has civilians, but their number is not yet known. Some of them were able to contact their relatives who were said to be in the shelter.

Colonel General Mikhail Mijinsev, head of the Intergovernmental Coordination Headquarters in Russia responsible for the humanitarian response and head of the National Security Command Center, said on Thursday that Ukrainian armed forces had forcibly detained hundreds of Chevroleton residents in the Azro underground facilities. .

The Russian military says Friday it opened waterways to the port city of Ochako after the “liberation” of the strategically important Kinburn Peninsula, which separates the Dnieper-Buck coast from the Black Sea, according to the Russian military. Proof. According to an informant from the news agency, Kiev has hidden from its Western partners that it can no longer hold the land language and thereby the estuary. Vladimir Salto, head of the military and civilian administration in the Russian-controlled province of Herson, said that shipping in the ports of the provinces of Ochakov, which controlled the evacuation of the Mikholev region and especially the Dnieper-Pak frontier, would be completely restored. Released. “

On Friday, Ukrainian forces attacked the office of the head of the “Cassette” with cassette-loaded missiles and fired 155 millimeters of French Caesar self-propelled artillery into residential areas in the capital of the secluded area, Donetsk officials said. Dozens of heavy artillery shells struck the territory of two splinter companies in southeastern Ukraine during the day, killing civilians. Deputy Minister of Information of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” Artyom Olhin said that 60-70 thousand Ukrainian troops were stationed around Rozija 1 around the fortified Slovakia. Earlier, Donetsk announced that regional security had begun to advance to 100 thousand industrial cities during the peace period.

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The first clashes between separatist troops controlling immigration in Slovakia erupted in April 2014, when Kyiv launched a crackdown on opposition in the Donetsk Basin against the Ukrainian leadership that came to power through a “coup” in February. Time and Ukrainian government forces. The city came under the control of the Ukrainian government in early July 2014.

Slovakia and neighboring Gramadorsk are considered by Russian analysts to be the most fortified Ukrainian-controlled settlements in the Donetsk Basin. The Ukrainian armed forces have amassed substantial weapons, fuel and food supplies in the nearly 170-square-kilometer security system established here. According to the HCLU, air defense was deployed in Sevastopol, the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, on Friday night and destroyed a target in the southern part of the city. A formal statement in this case has not yet been released.

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