February 3, 2023

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Prince Harry worried Meghan might end up like Diana: trailer

Prince Harry worried Meghan might end up like Diana: trailer

Prince Harry feared history would “repeat itself” when Meghan Markle married into the royal family.

In a new trailer for the Harry and Markle Netflix documentary series, ‘Harry and Meghan,’ the Duke of Sussex explains the history of abuse against women who enter a company.

“The pain and suffering of the women who get married in this establishment, this food frenzy,” Harry says while showing footage of his late mother Princess Diana, as well as tabloid covers.

“I realized they would never protect you,” Markle adds.

Harry replied, “I was terrified.” “I didn’t want history to repeat itself.”

The streaming service has confirmed that the highly anticipated first three episodes of the project will be released on December 8 The sixth page has already been revealedand the second of the three on December 15.

Bot Sentinel founder Christopher Pozzi also appeared in the trailer, saying, “It’s about hate, it’s about race.”

He tweeted after the release of the new clip, “Since filming this, many bombshells have been released confirming what I said. It was always about race and hate.”

The trailer additionally includes narration from Piers Morgan describing Markle, 41, as a “rock star royal”, even though he The situation will change later And he will start calling her Princess Pinocchio.

Morgan quits ‘Good Morning Britain’ She stormed into the group in 2021 after her consistent criticism of Markle and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey – accusing her of lying about her severe mental health issues.

Meghan Markle is sitting on a chair with her hand in her face
A new trailer for ‘Harry and Meghan’ shows the perception surrounding the Duchess of Sussex is changing in the media.

“I can’t believe almost anything that comes out of her mouth, and I think the damage she’s done to the British monarchy and the Queen The time Prince Philip lies in hospital is tremendous and frankly despised,” he said. Morgan Reporters outside his home in London after his resignation.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles chatting on the balcony
“I was terrified,” he said. “I didn’t want history to repeat itself.”
Tim Graham Photo Library via Get

Last week’s dramatic first trailer for the Liz Garbus-directed series showed photos taken throughout the couple’s relationship — including photos of Markle looking somber at royal events and even crying — and brief snapshots of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new life in California.

“No one sees what happens behind closed doors,” said Harry, 38.

Meghan Markle crying next to Prince Harry
“I realize they will never protect you,” Markle adds in the new trailer.

“When the stakes are high, wouldn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?” Markle asked.

Since the launch of the first issue, which fell during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s trip to Boston, a source has told Page Six that the former royal couple He wanted to “disrupt” the American visit.

As Royal Observer Hugo Vickers, a friend of the royal family, told Page Six of Timing, “surprise, surprise, how very boring Harry and Meghan are. But that sort of thing is inevitable. What they’ve produced just seems pretentious.”

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