September 29, 2023

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Prince Harry tells Colbert why he wrote about killing 25 people – Rolling Stone

Prince Harry she has no way For the past couple of weeks, the royal quasi-royal has been making the press rounds to promote his new look Diary additional.

One of the more disturbing details shared by the Duke of Sussex in his book concerned his time as a soldier Afghanistan. Prince Harry served ten years during the war in Afghanistan, starting in 2007, eventually achieving the rank of captain in the British Army. During his second deployment, he flew Apache helicopters.

in additionalPrince Harry revealed that he killed 25 people in Afghanistan – all of them members of the TalibanAs he claimed. He called out to his victims “The chess pieces were taken off the board, the bad guys were taken out before they killed the good guys,” and said he felt “not ashamed” of his actions because the military had made him feel nothing.

He wrote: “You cannot kill people if you look at them as people.” “They trained me for ‘others’, and they trained me well.”

During the Tuesday night appearances the day was greatly exaggerated the Late Show with Stephen Colbertthe host clumsily asked Harry about the controversial clip.

The other weird thing is that this is nothing new. This is an article from — I think this is from Reuters “Ten years ago when you described that you killed Afghan insurgents, the Taliban, on a sortie,” Colbert showed.

“Almost ten years to that day my face was splattered all over the front pages because someone asked me the question, while I was still in Afghanistan, if I had killed anyone from an attack helicopter. And I said yes,” Harry explained to the comic.

On why he chose to share these troubling details in his memoir, Prince Harry, who has devoted a significant amount of time to helping wounded veterans manage their PTSD – and called on veterans to late show Record – He said it was all part of his mission to help struggling vets.

“I chose to share it because I’ve spent nearly two decades working with veterans all over the world, I think the most important thing is to be honest and to be able to give space to others to be able to share their experiences without any qualms,” Prince Harry said. My attempt in sharing these details is to reduce the number of suicides.”


Prince Harry’s admission in his memoirs that he had killed 25 Afghan insurgents and called them “chess pieces” sparked a series of protests in Afghanistan – including at a local university in Helmand, mentioned the AP.

The atrocities committed by Prince Harry, his friends or anyone else in Helmand or anywhere in Afghanistan are unacceptable and callous. “History will remember these actions,” said Syed Ahmed Syed, a professor at the university. AP during the protest.

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