August 13, 2022

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Poles begin to panic –

In Poland, some department stores began restricting their purchases of sugar, as customers feared shortages or lower sugar prices. This is how the shelves were emptied – writes A Notes from Poland. Agriculture Minister Henrik Kowalczyk tried to reassure people, saying the temporary shortage was caused by panic buying.

Adding to the problem as usual, some small shops tried to cover their shortages by buying large quantities of sugar from supermarkets. According to the daily newspaper Rzeczposplita, in some places they got away cheaper than buying from a wholesaler.

It is also difficult to carry home

Some of them did not take a small bid, they immediately put 50-100 kilograms of sugar in their baskets, while the Portuguese-owned Baitronga, the country’s largest supermarket chain, limited the amount that could be bought at one time to 10 kilograms. This was followed by discounters such as Aldi and Neto

According to some, they are still haunted by the communist past, as seeing empty counters was a daily occurrence as people tried to stock up on much-needed supplies. Meanwhile, Poland is the third largest producer of sugar in Europe, although the cost of production has risen by 40 percent this year due to rising prices.

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