June 1, 2023

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Peter Nemeth: What was Orban doing in Croatia all this time?

Orban writes: The work has begun. But what kind of work is that?

“Orbán writes: The work has begun. But what kind of work is it? Minister Márton Nagy has already talked about the fact that the price limit has expired – they don’t have time for such a system – which shows that he will be the worst policeman in the government and that the cabinet is struggling. Should he say bad words or not? After all, there was nothing like that in the life of Fidesz, only success, happiness and wealth. Now there is no success, although some in power still dimly confirm this, and no happiness, but for millions there is no wealth. Just poverty. And if this poverty can already be felt even more strongly, “hot What happens at the end of “Fall”?

We don’t know. We don’t know what awaits us. The leadership of the country does not know. Even the opposition parties do not know. We are nobody. A warm autumn means that political warfare accompanies our daily lives, and at the end of it there may or may not be change. However, political warfare is not the least bit exciting now – at least to the common man. He has to calculate and calculate: what he can spend and what he can’t. Yes, he wants a change, a better life again. It no longer mattered to him what was corrupted and by whom. It’s this: Is there a solution, is there a solution to your life? How does that particular money come from the European Union or not? Will they save us or sink us?

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It’s the biggest drama: “Hungarian people” now – yet? – He has little interest in the rule of law. He didn’t care that his freedom was taken away because he didn’t feel like it. Why would he have felt that if the authorities had left him alone in other matters? It doesn’t matter to him whether there is an independent – indeed independent – prosecutor’s office, an independent media, or whether the Fidesz administration has deliberately destroyed everything that belongs to democracy. Now I can see: here there will be no warm autumn, just spinning. Our struggle.

Politicians are not interested. What was Orban doing in Croatia all this time? The story – now – already has a beard … “

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