December 9, 2022

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Orban’s Slovenian ally was badly defeated

Janus Jansa and his wife after the vote was recorded


The popular Slovenian prime minister has failed to form his fourth government (2004-8, 2012-13, 2020-22). Previous studies had predicted more intense competition, but in the end the ruling party, led by Janus Jansa (SDS, 24%), did not lag far behind the newly formed Green Party (GS, 35%).

Officer Election page 99.68 percent in processing

  • Green-Medium Freedom Movement (GS) 41,
  • Right-wing populist Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) 27,
  • New Slovenia’s Conservative-People’s Party (NSi) 8,
  • Socialist-centric Social Democrats (SD) 7,
  • New left Levica 5

It takes place in the 90-seat parliament. There will also be a guarantee mandate for the Hungarian and Italian minorities, and only nationalities will be able to vote for them. The ruling majority needs 46 seats, which means the winner must form a coalition. The Social Democrats have already registered for the role of the smaller ruling party. Six smaller parties received 1-2 percent and the other two left-wing or liberal parties more than 3 percent, but none exceeded the 4 percent parliamentary limit. Jansa agreed with the decision.

The independence movement, led by Robert Golob, brought mainly green themes to the campaign, but it also had slogans that sounded very bad in Fides’ ears, such as open society and the rule of law. His party does worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about two thirds of the support. Kolop developed a positive corona virus test during the campaign and also participated in online TV shows. Out of 1.2 million votes, it won about 400,000 votes.

Robert Golob

Photo: NANGKA PRESS / Hans Lucas via AFP

Jhansi, who has ruled so far, is not only ideologically close to Orban. The Hungarian government and its leader became a key partner in Slovenian politics and the media, sending large sums of money to Jhansi for useful purposes compared to the size of a country of two million people, thus provoking the hatred of the opposition. A few examples:

  • They protested in Slovenia because the NER would swallow one The largest tourism company
  • Following Orbán’s example, the Slovenian media network was built by Haponiak’s Circles. Report Case
  • In the middle of an epidemic Resigned Slovenia’s Minister of Health Jansa wants to “organize” Slovenia
  • Slovenian Television Company Purchased TV2 Group, then New level Was attacked in interviews with Péter Szijjártó
  • He reported very briefly about Orban’s arrival because he was on the verge of bankruptcy. Slovenian News Agency

Everything does not match between Jansa and Orban: the Slovenian Prime Minister, for example, He denounced Repression of protests in Belarus, and Visited To Kiev and Approved To send anti-aircraft missile system to Ukraine. (Reuters, EuronewsMTI)

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