September 29, 2023

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One thing the fans of each team are thankful for

One thing the fans of each team are thankful for

It’s Thanksgiving! devour everyone. It’s kind of a mathematical writing trope, going back to the turn of the century (no, not that, Previous turn of the century) when newspaper columnists were all sitting down and writing about the sports personalities to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. We are not immune to the magic of the thanksgiving metaphor. There is much to be thankful for!

So, as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, here’s something for every team to be grateful for. Whether your team is a hero or a basement dweller, there is something to be grateful for.

Blue Jays: Vlady Jr.
We’ve all been blown away by Aaron Judge and Shuhei Ohtani in the past couple of years, and with good reason, but let’s not forget that the Blue Jays have a young star who almost beat him king MVP in 2021, he has a smile that can light up the sky, he has a swing that will send fireworks from the sky, and yes, he is the son of a Hall of Famer and he is also one of the funniest players in old school baseball. . do not take Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Take for granted, folks.

Orioles: The fun is just beginning.
See, success is not a linear concept. Take a few steps forward and then a step or two back. You break through, then struggle to take the next jump. Young players don’t get ripped off exactly the way you want. It’s not all rainbows and sunlight from now on. But one thing is clearly true: This past year was proof that the worst is behind Orioles fans. This is a competitive team with a large number of young talents who are not going anywhere for a long time. You did it, Orioles. you deserve this.

Rice: Talent always comes.
Remember when the rays were detonated for circulation this is player or that player? Remember when the Rays were “too analytical” and “too smart for their own good?” Well guess what? They are back in the playoffs again this year, for the fourth straight season. They have a lot of questions to answer in this off season. guess what? Maybe they will answer it. They always do.

Yankees: They won 99 games last year and struck out one run of their first World Series in 13 years.
Yankees fans were so frustrated at the end of the playoffs, they were so nervous Aaron Judgethat you need to say it out loud once in a while to remind them.

Guardians: This building can get loud again.
Those of us who remember how slick and wild Cleveland and its stadium were in their always sold-out incarnation in the ’90s had a blast at the wall of sound produced in their ALDS against the Yankees. Those fans are still out there, and they’re still awesome. Not every franchise can say that.

Royals: A transfer that appears to be heading in the right direction.
The Royals have made a lot of changes this offseason, and while it’s sure to be up in the air, it certainly seems like they’re pointing in the direction of a franchise that’s taken a hard look at itself and is ready to try something new. When things just don’t work out, really, that’s all fans could ask for.

Tigers: I’ve turned the page.
Almost everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong for the Tigers this past year. This team is going to have some rough patches at times in 2023, sure, but there’s reason to believe things will be better. Riley GreenHis appearance in the second half is a good place to start.

Twins: The team and the front office don’t quit.
A lot of teams, especially those in a small market like Minnesota, pack their bags and start over when they’ve lost 89 games, like the Twins did in 2021. That’s not what the Twins did, even signing perhaps the best free agent on the market in Carlos Correa (who withdrew and is a free agent again). He didn’t get them into the playoffs, and now that player is gone, but he speaks to motivation: This team is not going to sit idly by.

Angels: Mike Trout And the Shuhei Ohtani They are still here.
Look, it’s gotten a little rough in the past year. But every fan of any other baseball team gets excited when they see the Angels come to town because that means they can watch these two play. And Angels fans get to watch them every night!

Astros: They just won the World Series.
No need to complicate this.

Athletics: There are a few pieces that could be part of a good next A-team.
Yes, they were tough years, but: watch Shea Langlers Getting ahead of a potential All-Star Game should be fun. Christian Patch may come. Yankees fans can regret the day they were reunited Ken Waldichuk In the Frankie Montas deal.

Sailors: They’ve made the playoffs!
After a 21-year postseason drought, they did. They even made it out on tour! And the best part: It’s no accident. This is just the beginning.

Rangers: There’s more good stuff coming in constantly.
One might argue with this signature Corey Seeger And the Marcus Semin It was a bit ambitious last year, but there are far worse things you can say about your team than “they’re ambitious.”

Brave: a lot of young talent. Much!
Remember, you would have considered the Braves stacked with young talent Before They received the two biggest vote-getters in NL Rookie of the Year voting this year. How many such men are there?

Marlins: Your First Cy Young Winner!
Sandy Alcantara He is now the first Marlins pitcher to hold the Cy Young Trophy on his rack. And it certainly wouldn’t surprise anyone if the 27-year-old added another at some point.

Mets: The vibes are back.
The Mets didn’t quite finish their season the way they had hoped, and the way many (myself included) thought they would. But the days of LOLMets are long behind them. This team is smart, resourceful and very committed to winning. They had the best record in New York City last year. It might stay that way for a while.

Phillies: They’ve gone to the World Series!
What an incredible race. You didn’t imagine it. It really happened.

Brewers: There are a lot of pitchers here.
I’ve heard the same thing Corbin Burns Our rumors. If not traded, these crews are stacked. But if he does… that stick is still stacked! Brandon Woodruff And the Freddy Peralta are the mainstays of rotation, and Devin Williams Anchoring a bullpen that was, in the end, too strong after the Josh Hader trade. Thanks to their pitching, brewers aren’t going anywhere.

Cardinals: After one of the great fares in recent baseball memory, the Cardinals are doing it again.
Albert Pujols And the Molina runs I came out in glorious fashion. Currently Adam Wainwright He should do the same. We hope for a later playoff round this time.

Cubs: Stop letting them run.
The Cubs may be active in the free agent market, but even if they aren’t, there are reasons for excitement. Thanks likes Marcus Strowman And the Adrian SampsonThey had a 3.30 team ERA after the All-Star break. which ranked fifth in the majors. In addition, there is a group of leads (led by the outfielder Crow Armstrong House) who will arrive very soon. With this talent and the opportunity to add via free agency, this decline shouldn’t last forever. It shouldn’t last long.

Reds: Joy Photo treasure.
no need Social media To find out how cool Votto is. But, you know, it doesn’t hurt.

D- Backs: Corbin Carroll He is your superstar.
They haven’t really had one since trading away Paul Goldschmidt, and Carroll appears to be one.

Dodgers: They’re the Dodgers!
The postseason has been a problem… again. But every team in baseball will swap places with the Dodgers at secondly.

Giants: A clever front office is about to make some noise.
You know how smart they were two years ago when they found talent in the most unlikely of places? Now they feel they have something to prove.

Padres: They beat the Dodgers!
Sure, there are three MVP candidates on this team next year. But it feels good to enjoy the Dodgers NLDS win, you earned it all.

Rockies: Coors will be an amazing place to watch Chris Bryant He hit 40 homers.
Incredibly, Bryant didn’t hit a homer at Coors Field during his injury-shortened 2022 campaign. But they will come. in bunches. thus.