March 29, 2023

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One of the key commanders of the Russian army died in Luhansk

According to reports, General Mykolaivka fell in the village. Citing Russian sources, the Ukrainian Independent Radio Portal reported that Kuduzov was already the fourth Russian general to die in the war, MTI wrote.

The Reuters According to news reports, Alexander Sladkov, a Russian state television reporter, wrote on Sunday about the death of the Major General in the Telegram news app.

In an interview with the Sussex News website, Luhansk Oblast Governor Sergeih Hajdaj explained that military strategic perspectives such as Lisitshansk were not important in the Severdonek region. He expressed hope that the Ukrainian army would be able to withdraw Russian forces from Chevroletonetsk. According to the governor, the city is of political importance because it has been the administrative center of the district since the occupation of Luhansk in 2014 by pro-Moscow separatists.

Lysitshansk, on the other hand, which is heavily besieged by the Russian military, is more important to the military than Severdonet because of its location because it is elevated, i.e. strategically favorable, the governor stressed.

Anna Malzar is Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Defense Pravda, Ukraine According to a news portal on Sunday, a television program stressed that the capital, Kiev, was a major target of Russian forces and was therefore in constant danger. (Sunday morning again after several weeks Rocket attack Attacked the capital – A version.) “We have always been honest that Kiev is constantly in danger,” Malzar said.

Despite this, he confirmed that people began to return to the capital. “However, we must understand that the war is in a ‘hot state’ and Kiev is the main target of the Russian Federation,” the deputy defense minister said, according to MTI.

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