September 29, 2023

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One lab made a big mistake: 886 people were told their Govt test was negative, it was positive

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With the increasing spread of the Omigron variant, the number of Govt tests in Australia has also accelerated, but with increasing test numbers, it seems that laboratories may not always be able to continue.

That is how SydPath, one of Sydney’s laboratories, may have given untrue results to hundreds of people. The case affected 886 people on Tuesday, 400 of whom were falsely diagnosed with a negative corona virus test on Christmas Day, the lab said. The fault was only reported to them the next day, and this was also a problem as many of them went home for Christmas.

In the past there were many people who were wrongly told that there was no corona virus, they were 486, so a total of 886 people came out.

In its latest announcement, SydPath switched from an automated system to a manual system to handle its increased workload, and this caused a data processing error. Since then, the laboratory has returned to its automated system and plans to reduce the number of processed Covid tests to maintain test quality.

Meanwhile, there has been a significant increase in the number of newly registered corona virus infections in Australia, with the Omigron virus variant being charged for the first time, according to a summary of health officials on Tuesday:

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