June 2, 2023

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Omigron is still raging in the world: here is Sunday data

In Ukraine, the current, recent wave of corona virus infection will peak in mid-February, Health Minister Victor Lisko told reporters.

The head of the ministry announced this week that another wave has already begun in the country, mainly due to the spread of the virus, especially the infectious Omigran variant.

Andriy Sadov, mayor of Lviv (western Ukraine) in western Ukraine, said more children in the city were getting sick and the hospital designated for them was already full, so another agency has been opened to receive covetous children. Infection in two years. He explained that about ten thousand children in the city are currently ill and thus many schools have switched to distance education. At the same time, he noted that the number of people in need of hospital care is higher among adults and that another 304 patients were being cared for at a health facility on Friday.

However, the Ivano-Frankivsk region in the western part of the country was the first of the regions in Ukraine to go red with the most severe restrictions according to the epidemic situation since Monday. Other areas, including the capital Kiev and Transcarpathia, are currently in the light yellow, according to UNIAN.

In Ukraine, mass events, shopping malls, cultural and sports facilities in the Red Territory can only be visited by those who have received both doses of the vaccine, who have recovered, or who have recently undergone PCR testing. In areas classified as jaundice, it is sufficient to take the first dose of the vaccine.

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The number of victims identified in Ukraine on Sunday rose by 15,444 to 3,857,455, the number of deaths to 86, 99,215, and the number of active patients to more than 13,000 and 175,332. In the past day, 2,774 patients have been hospitalized with corona virus or suspected infection.

According to the latest data, two vaccines have been given to 14,457,249 people so far in a country of about 42 million people, and only 698,589 people have taken the first dose. The third booster dose has so far been given to 203,445 people. On Saturday, 38,861 people were vaccinated. ⁇