June 6, 2023

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Olaf Scholz addressed the German people

In his speech on national public television and several commercial channels, the Chancellor stressed that the Germans were “still grateful” for the liberation of Germany’s Allies. However, MTI was quoted as saying, “We can not remember the end of World War II in Europe: there is war again in Europe and Russia has erupted this war.” Olaf Scholes German Chancellor.

The Russians and Ukrainians fought together and made enormous sacrifices to defeat “murderous German national socialism.” Germany then committed sins against both peoples and has been working for decades for their reconciliation, reconciliation. However, now Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to “subjugate Ukraine and destroy its culture and identity”, while the lesson of the Germans’ “history of catastrophe” between 1933 and 1945 is that war, genocide and tyranny support Germany. In the fight against aggression, “the Chancellor explained.

History compels Germany to support Ukraine

Germany thus “defends justice and freedom,” failing to do so would simply mean “surrendering to violence and inciting the occupiers.”

At the same time, we must not only comply with the historic obligation of “complete unity” with Ukraine, but also ensure the security of our homeland and our allies. It follows “four clear principles” for policy, Olaf Scholes said.

  1. First, there is no unilateral German action, and all actions will “consult as closely as possible with our allies in Europe and across the Atlantic”.
  2. According to the second principle, “we will focus on maintaining our own defensive capabilities”, so the German army (Bundeswehr) will be strengthened, while supporting the Ukrainian army to defend against Russian aggression.
  3. According to the third principle, “we will not take any action that is more harmful to us and our allies than to Russia.”
  4. The fourth policy states that “we will not make the decision to involve NATO in war.”
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The German Chancellor added: “Germany’s position and policies governing its operations are very clear, but it is not clear when and how the war in Ukraine will end. However, Sholes said it was certain that Russia would not have a “peace dictatorship” because the Ukrainians would not accept it, “nothing.”